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Donovan - Sunshine Superman


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Sunshine Superman Songfacts


The Man of Steel -

First showed up in comics in 1938.

Superman was born Kal-El on the planet Krypton, sent to earth in a rocket, landed in Smallville, adopted by the Kents.

Disguised as Clark Kent mild-mannered reported at the Daily Planet.

?More powerful than a locomotive.

?Faster than a speeding bullet.

?Can leap tall buildings at a single bound.

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Sunshine Superman is a great song. I also like Hurdy Gurdy Man. Which are really the only two songs I know by Donovan.

You don?t need to deprive yourself. There's lots more where those came from.

Mellow Yellow

Born high forever to fly

Wind velocity nil

Born high forever to fly

If you want your cup o?er fill

Season Of The Witch

When I look over my shoulder,

What do you think I see?

Some other cat looking over

His shoulder at me

And he's strange, sure is strange.

There Is A Mountain

Oh Juanita

Oh Juanita

Oh Juanita

I call your name.


Way down

Below the ocean

Where I wanna be

She may be.

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