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Feeding Frenzy, who did it?


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I'm not talking about Omnivore or Five Iron or the like. There was a band on the old show Wired on the Celtic Channel, the song was called Feeding Frenzy and was all in black and white, there where three guys in a car singing the song (the chorus was just Feeding Frenzy in a high voice by the only member of the group with a beard) and they are carrying boxes into a store while doing the song and it shows them on the survailance camera.

I know my description is awful but I can't find the name of this group anywere. I think it had the word "breakfast" in it for some reason but I'm clueless and it's driving me nuts! I wish they haden't taken that show off so I could try and catch the name agian. Help me out, please!

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