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Notion of The Ocean


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The Notion of the Ocean comes through the wind

its like a treasure unlatched within.

Unearthed from an opaque abyss

a spirit floats that you can?t miss

Far and Wide there?s nothing to hide

having to little would be suicide

Tranquil or Turbulent you will find

then again its all in the mind

This bliss is one with sand

two with the land

and three with the me upon the reaches of sea

You view the birds of above

when deep down your searching for love

love of myst and mystic

love of the blade

to evade

the accolade

of life of strife stricken with sorrow the life you made as a renegade.

People pray to feel this way seeking the meals, zeal, and deals of the day

they attain the limelight with nothing to say and nothing to play, if something, with profound delay

The efforts of many are subpar

Striving for prestige without getting far;

The crowd scoffs at your valiant attempt

As you height off you develop contempt.

The standards of the world guile you to swirl

Similar to an oyster enclosing her pearl

took you in

what a sin

, imbued you thin

, no a kin,

spat you out with a sonorous bellow

down a common road with an uncommon fellow

while your peers enjoyed to mellow

an incessant goad to continue the road of fun with a smile

you deeply reminisce it wasn?t worthwhile

it is hard to find people to please

that?s why you venture to the crystalline waters and turquoise seas

Pleasure always feels like a breeze

In truth its merely a tease

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