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"Wake up monday morning" need artist/album

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It's a male vocalist, with nice accoustic guitar, bass and drums.

Parts of the vocals i can remember are "Wake up Monday morning, wish i could go back to the dreams living in my head..."

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are these the lyrics.....???if it is its from sweet december

Walking down 5th Avenue

in a dream I don?t remember yet,

but I?m sure I will in time.

I just lost my train of thought

as a sea of people pass me by.

I don?t mind.

Monday morning

I?ll be in my bed.

Mind is racing

wishing I was dead.

Wake up undercover

or perhaps I?m just a

man who lives a lie.

The truth is hard to find.

Put my faith in poets

even though sometimes

the things they say don?t rhyme.

They make sense sometimes.

Wake me up.

Bring me to my feet.

But whatever you do,

don?t listen to me.

Children don?t need

reasons to be happy

they just come that way.

Let?s go outside and play.

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