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Should I laugh at this?

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She looks like a bulldog chewing a wasp!

I am laughing most at THIS! ::

Yes, this is a litigitous society (too much so), and in my opinion, she is being extremely petty.

Would her feelings be more valid if she was a better looking woman? Looks have nothing to do with it -- it is her complaint that is not valid. She was not strip searched in front of people; she was routinely patted down and is likely more indignant about being suspected than being searched.

It is kind of like leaving the store at the mall and the alarm goes off / recorded security alert plays at the door -- because the cashier didn't disable a sensor on a DVD, or remove a garment sensor. They ask you to show a receipt, or they look in your bag. It is embarrassing, you think people are looking, thinking you stole something, but it happens and we move on...like this woman should.

I'm sure the person doing the patting down enjoyed it far less than she did, but for the sake of safety, we must do things we normally would not do.

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