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I Know

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I Know

I know you been in these streets

For like 3 weeks now

I?m stratin? to worry myself, so come back now

Don?t want you strung out

I don?t want you laid out

Only 14 with 1 child now

Pregnant with no shoes is where you?ll end up now

Your 14 you?ve got your whole life ahead of you

What?s that 20 year old man got to do with you

I wish theres someone you could look up to


I know that you wanta to be in these streets

I know you think you gotta hustle to eat

Money doesn?t matter to me

I just want you home

I know you gotta do what cha gotta do

I know what this life is doing to you

I know that?s no way to live your life

I just want you to surrive.

Little Shorty and you wanta be a baler now

Wanta ride on 24s like a big tymer now

The respect of your crew around you

On you?re way getting kicked out of high school

Thinking drugs will get you where you need be

You might get there but only temporarily

Before you get there you might be under about six feet

Or behind bars at least 55 deep

I wish your daddy was there to raise you

I wish you could see that life isn?t gonna save you

I wish you could meet GOD and he could change you

Get in your head and rearrange you

I wish you had someone to look up too


God has got to hear me when I pray

It?s heavy on my shoulders

Carrying for you baby girl

Praying for all the street kids

Cause I got a heavy heart for y?all

I wish you could find the life that?s meant for you.


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