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The King's Crusade


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My fifth song, inspired by history of the Middle Ages, it's not exactly accurate to the crusades since I put more modern views and events into it. Heavy progressive rock tune.

The King's Crusade

(Written March 13, 2004

by Mike R. Smale

© 2004)

[i. Overture]

[iI. Reign of Poverty]

A new king was elected,

the crown placed on his head.

The citizens got nothing,

while he got all the bread.

He raised all of the taxes,

to benefit his court.

He took away the farmlands,

and the serfs were without work.

Then one day he told the land,

to head out to the east.

"Jerusalem we must take back,

so there can be some peace.

Join me in this crusade and

your sins shall be excused."

Some people gave him support,

while others where bemused.

[iII. The War Begins]

The streets were lined with protestors,

fighting against war.

The castle thrived with knights in armor,

sure of what they're fighting for.

But he started the campaign,

despite protestors pleas.

And they marched into the desert,

and struck like a disease.

The conflict thundered on and on,

the sands were turning red.

The king's battalion kept on fighting,

till thousands were left dead.

[iV. Revolution]

Things back at the homeland,

were much worse than before.

The poor were getting poorer,

and the rich were all now lords.

The tyranny was clear now,

the king hid behind his walls.

The castle fell to revolution,

as the people stormed the halls.

Removed from the throne was the king...

[V. Finale]

The war was at an end now,

but at an immense cost.

What should never of happened,

led to many loved ones lost.

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