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Unique Pun-Filled Ocean Life Song

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SongFacts Forum Members,

I'm desperately searching for a song from my childhood that I remember only a fraction of.

It's a pun-filled children's song about ocean life. As closely as I can recall, the lyrics contained, "I'll oct-o-push my self right to the shore; there's so much there you can explore" certain and "Just for the halibut!" The track was part of a tape cassette album. The lead singer was female. Unfortunately, that's all I can remember. I've already determined that the song isn't Wet Dream or Lobster Never Flounder or the Hawaiian Fish Song (humuhumunukuapua). And I haven't been able to find any other candidates from either Google or the lyric websites and apps.

Fellow children of the 80's, does anyone remember this song?
Please feel free to comment on this post - even years later - if you have any ideas or resource suggestions.


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