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How to Lose $4.8 Million

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In March 2016, Alanis Morissette realized there was something a little off with her accounting. She fired her business manager and discovered that he stole about $4.8 million from her since 2009, using the money to pay for vacations and gambling debts. A good reminder that if a financial professional tells you you're "fine," check the books.

Here's the lawsuit, which also names her manager's company, a firm that probably deals with lots of big names:


A few days ago, a settlement was reached with the manager admitting he stole not just the Morissette money, but about $2 million from other clients as well. Proof that financial firms don't keep tabs on their employees, even when they're in charge of millions.

It appears that Alanis got her money back. I'm just disappointed that in none of the articles did it mention how the manager had one hand in her pocket.

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