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How cool would *that* be?


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Since his death in July of 1971, the world has elevated Jim Morrison to a Godlike status. The man is a legend, every lyric parsed, every performance gone over ten thousand times. We, being  people, there are certain elements of life that are common to us all. Both the performer and fan. Like driving in cars and listening to music. I was out on the road last week, singing along with The Doors "Roadhouse Blues". Just before the solo, Morrison yells "Do it, Robbie, do it!"..... I am sure Robbie Krieger has been in his car just driving somewhere and this has happened. If not his car, anywhere, and unexpectedly the song comes on. How cool would that be to say to anyone who cared to listen, "Hey... That's Jim Morrison.... Talking to ME!".... I can only imagine the sense of satisfaction that must bring, the nostalgia of going back to that day in the studio and recording the song, the memories that must flood back.,

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