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Music, The Great Uniter


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Last Friday night, my wife's company had an outing at a local pub/restaurant style establishment. One of the ladies had brought a family member, a fellow about my age (give or take 5:7 years). The guy was from Romania, didn't speak a *word* of English. He sat in our group and obviously, he was uncomfortable. She had done some translating, here and there, sporadic, polite questions, weather related stuff, etc. But he was clearly not into the evening. I had an inspiration, and told the lady to translate to him, that he and I did speak a language we could communicate in (I was taking a chance of this flopping miserably but hey, treat others as you would be treated and all, I was trying to make the guys evening better and going for inclusion). She looked at me and said, ok, then told him that he and I spoke the same language. He looked at me a bit puzzled, I cracked a grin popped up the rocker 'devil horn' salute, and said loudly, "FU**ING..... AC/DC!!!!!" You could have seen his grin from the moon. 

                                                                                                     I had a blast with him. He knew all the lyrics to Highway To Hell, The Jack, Hells Bells, TNT, that sort of thing. Then it was "EAGLES!", on and on. We kept yelling "AC/DC" gleefully at each other. When we parted ways at the end of the night he had his cousin translate that he had enjoyed himself "big time" and that should I ever find myself in Romania, I needn't look for accommodation. He had  friends he wanted me to meet. It struck me on the way home, politicians divide, they would have us hate one another, and music unites. 



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