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Rush Releasing Special Vinyl “Hologram Edition” of Classic Album "2112"

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Rush has announced that it’s adding a very cool release to its year-long “12 Months of Rush” reissue campaign. A special Hologram Edition vinyl version of the Canadian power trio’s lauded 1977 album 2112 will be available for purchase on March 17.

The disc will be pressed on high-quality, 200-gram vinyl, and will feature a hand-drawn holographic image of the “Red Star of the Federation” design near the center of the LP’s second side. The spinning hologram is viewable by shining a focused source of light — for example, a smartphone’s LED flashlight — above the turntable while the record is playing. You can watch a video demonstrating how the hologram looks at Rush’s official YouTube channel.

Fans buying this special vinyl edition of 2112 also will receive a download card allowing access to a high-resolution digital version of the album.

As previously reported, throughout 2015 Rush is releasing high-quality vinyl and high-resolution digital versions of the albums it originally issued on the Mercury label, with at least one title arriving each month. Select albums also will be sold in the Blu-ray Audio format. The latest release in the series, 1975’s Caress of Steel, was reissued on vinyl and as a high-res download, February 24.

Here is the upcoming release schedule for the “12 Months of Rush” campaign:

3/17 — 2112 Hologram Edition

3/17 — All the World’s a Stage

*4/21 — A Farewell to Kings

5/19 — Hemispheres

6/16 — Permanent Waves

7/21 — Moving Pictures

7/21 — Exit…Stage Left

*8/18 — Signals

9/15 — Grace Under Pressure

10/20 — Power Windows

11/17 — Hold Your Fire

12/1 — A Show of Hands

* = also available on Blu-ray Audio.

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