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[big]Skin-n-Bones[/big] is a local band from my area.

The band members are all friends of mine.

They formed in 2009 in the Scranton, PA area and they are described as having a "dirty" rock sound.

In 2010, they released their first EP "Dirty". Since then, they have played many local clubs and developed a big fan base.

During the past couple of years they have opened for many national recording artists, including Queensryche, Great White and Jackyl.

They recently spent time in the recording studio recording tracks for a new full-length album, to be released soon.

Just this year, they had a professional videographer from our area, named Chris Balton, record two videos for the band.

The first was for their song "Sweet Talker" and was released in Feb. 2014.

The second was for their song "Get A Job" and was released in Jun. 2014.

I was present for the video shoot of the second video and I can be seen in the crowd a few feet back from the stage on the right side of the screen.

If you pause the "Get A Job" video at 2:50, I am to the right of the guy with the white t-shirt and sunglasses.

It's easy to spot me with my black shirt, eyeglasses and receding hair line.

My wife is directly behind me, sitting at the bar, to the right of the beam, wearing a black v-neck dress with her cell phone held up in her right hand.

Here is the first video, "Sweet Talker", on You Tube:

"Sweet Talker" - Skin-n-Bones

Here is the second video, "Get A Job", on YouTube:

"Get A Job" - Skin-n-Bones

Here is their page on ReverbNation.com, where you can listen to more of their songs:

Skin-n-Bones on ReverbNation

ReverbNation.com is home to Over 3.63 Million Musicians, Venues, Labels, and Industry Professionals.

It is a great site to check out local and national acts and you can search for your hometown area or anywhere you like, listen to music from any artist on the site and even download music.

You can also add your band to the site to get exposure.

:guitar: :drummer: :pianist: :sing1:

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