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Poetry is an engine of fine efficiency designed to transfer emotions to the partaker by a lilt of tone, a formulation of sounds and by portraits produced through placement of syllables. Poetry illustrates itself within each reading by touching the eyes, ears and emotions at the speed of sight; with an effective range between the seismic force of blunt profundity and the power in a single tear falling to the ground. Whether exposing the commonality of the unanswerable angst of youth or subtle submission of an aged warrior, themes in poetry explore the possibilities found in the spectrum that is the human spirit. The poet, sensitive to this task, must ultimately craft with thankfulness and strength of character in acknowledgement for the gift they have been blessed to receive.

Which is the greater dynamic; a vacuum or that available to fill it, the road or its traffic, heartache or love, the reason for conflict or its benign resolution?

I am engaged with some Source that focuses my heart through my hands in response to my questioning, “Who am I?”

A poem read only once is a poem merely trifled with and left to die of loneliness.

To be truly at peace, one must be free

No slave ever spent a day during which

A war was not waged

Two people starting war seems

Too few.

Two parties needed

To sign peace terms seems

Too many.

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