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Quiz Ending January 2013

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Two entrants were able to score a perfect ten! :thumbsup:

They were:

Lyn from Boolaroo, Australia

Gina from Scottsdale, AZ

Lyn from Boolaroo, Australia was closest on the tie-breaking question and will receive a cool and comfortable Songfacts t-shirt, compliments of our quizmaster, Carl. :coolio:

Here are the answers:

1. What Oscar-winning singer sold the most albums worldwide in the '80s?

Prince (he won an Oscar for Best Original Song Score for Purple Rain)

2. What Rock and Roll Hall of Famer appeared nude on one of his album covers?

John Lennon - Two Virgins

Prince - Lovesexy

3. In 2012, who released her 23rd music video on her 23rd birthday?

Taylor Swift - "I Knew You Were Trouble"

4. What was the last #1 U.S. Hot-100 hit with the word "heaven" in the title?

"Locked Out of Heaven" by Bruno Mars (2012)

5. Who had his highest-charting album in America at age 77?

Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas

6. In 2012, what group had 2 albums sell over a million copies in the U.S.?

One Direction

Their albums, Up All Night and Take Me Home were both released in the U.S. in 2012 and each sold over one million copies.

7. What popular artist released an album in 2012 named after a kind of gun?

Jack White - Blunderbuss

8. What rock star got married (to his current wife) in a surprise ceremony during the baptism of his daughter?

Eric Clapton

Shaun Ryder

9. What Alicia Keys song got its title from a phrase a magazine used to describe her?

"Girl On Fire"

10. What duo of Scottish twins had Top 10 hits in both the U.S. and UK?

The Proclaimers

Congratulations to Lyn and thanks to all who entered this month's Mighty Songfacts Trivia Quiz. :thumbsup:

Click on the quiz link from any Songfacts page to take our newest quiz. :headphones:

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