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Colbert Talks to Morrissey, Hijinks Ensue

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Morrissey is consistent and extreme in his social and political beliefs: meat is murder, the royal family is a dictatorship, The Smiths will never get back together.

In this brilliantly absurd interview, Stephen Colbert challenges these positions by pointing out that Pippa Middleton is hot, a Smiths reunion would make a boatload of money, and bacon is tasty. Morrissey falls right into it, trying to explain his vegetarianism with an analogy about putting your grandmother in the oven.

We learned that he made the Colbert staff go meatless for the day as a condition of his appearance, and that not all Britons were enthralled by the Diamond Jubilee.

He also played a song, which I thought was quite good. The guy can really sing.


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