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Quiz Ending April 2012

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Larry from Knoxville, TN is this month's winner of a cool and comfortable

Songfacts t-shirt. :cool:

There was a lot of entrants who got all ten answers correct this month, eleven total.

Larry was the closest on the tie-breaking question for the win.

Here is the list of all who got 100%.

Jason from Columbia, MD

Kayla from Parts Unknown

Jeff from Austin, TX

Kevin from Bay Shore, NY

Carrie from Houston, TX

Tiffany from Acworth, GA

Ian from San Diego

Larry from Knoxville, TN

David from The Bronx

Rick from Levittown, PA

Brian from Suffolk, VA

Here are the answers to the quiz:

1. What famous band's drummer quit in 1997 and became a farmer?


Bill Berry quit the band and became a farmer in Georgia.

2. What song was a hit for both Rod Stewart and Sheryl Crow?

"The First Cut Is The Deepest"

3. In the '80s, what band had a Top-10 U.S. Hot 100 hit named after a continent, and another with a girls' name?

Toto: "Rosanna" (#2) and "Africa" (#1)

4. What rapper with at least one Top 40 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 is named after a real drug kingpin who spent over 10 years in jail?

Rick Ross

5. What popular singer started a charity to help save manatees in Florida?

Jimmy Buffett

He started the Save The Manatee Club.

6. What hit from the '60s has a line of lyrics taken from a Playtex bra commercial?

"Judy In Disguise (with Glasses)" by John Fred and His Playboy Band.

The line "Cross your heart with a living bra" came from the ad.

7. Whose first 12 studio albums all contained at least one Top-10 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart?


8. A member of what boy band went on the Oprah Winfrey Show to talk about his struggles with drugs?

Backstreet Boys - AJ McLean talked about his addiction on the show.

9. What band had a song on the TV shows; Grey's Anatomy, Everwood, Cold Case, and Medium?


Their song "You And Me" was used in an episode of all four TV shows.

In addition, their song "Broken" was also used on a Grey's Anatomy episode.

10. Besides B.B. King, what Rock and Roll Hall of Famer sang lead on a U2 song?

Johnny Cash - he sang lead on the U2 song, "The Wanderer."

The Edge - sings lead vocals on the U2 song, "Van Diemen's Land".

Bono was not accepted as a correct answer because he is already the lead singer for U2.

The Edge was accepted as a correct answer because he is not the lead singer of U2 and that makes him eligible.

We didn't think it was necessary to put that in the question but a few people actually answered, Bono. LOL

Congratulations to this month's Mighty Songfacts Trivia Quiz winner and thanks to all who entered the quiz. :thumbsup:

Click on the quiz link on our main page or any Songfacts page to take the new quiz.

Songfacts.com :headphones:

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