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Quiz Ending September 2011

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Sorry for the delay in posting the results.

Computer problems were the cause.

Todd from somewhere in Pennsylvania is this month's quiz winner and will receive a cool and comfortable Songfacts t-shirt. :cool:

Here are the answers:

1. Who was the first rapper to be nominated for an Academy Award?

Will Smith.

He was nominated for the Oscar for Best Actor in 2001 for his role in the film, Ali.

2. In the '80s, what was the highest charting song on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart with the brand name of a car in the title?

"Mercedes Boy" by Pebbles.

It reached #2 on the Hot 100 chart in 1988.

3. What famous band has a drummer with one arm?

Def Leppard

Drummer Rick Allen lost his left arm in a car crash on 12/31/1984.

4. What actress filed a lawsuit over a 2011 song she is mentioned in?

Lindsay Lohan

She sued over the line "I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" in the Pitbull song, "Give Me Everything (Tonight)."

5. The Hollies and Neil Diamond both had Top-40 hits on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart with songs with what word (more than 4 letters) in the title?

Brother - "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" by The Hollies and "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show" by Neil Diamond.

Woman - "Long Cool Woman (In A Black Dress)" by The Hollies and "Kentucky Woman" and "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" by Neil Diamond.

6. What comedian is sampled in a U.S. Top-10 Hot 100 hit from the '90s?

Andrew Dice Clay

He's on the song, "Unbelievable" by EMF.

7. What group used the title of a Lou Reed song in a hit song from the '80s?

Def Leppard

The line, "satellite of love" in their 1989 single, "Rocket", came from the title of a 1972 Lou Reed song.

8. What Top-40 hit on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart from the '70s was named after the drummer for a famous group?

"Levon" by Elton John.

It was named after Levon Helm from The Band.

9. What '80s hair band had their first hit with a cover of a song that was recorded 10 years earlier?

Quiet Riot

Their 1983 Top-10 hit cover of "Cum On Feel The Noise" was originally by the band, Slade in 1973.

10. What famous musician's daughter appeared in a 2009 film that was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar?

Phil Collins

His daughter Lily was in the film, "The Blind Side".

Congratulations to this month's winner, Todd, and thanks to all who entered the quiz.

Check out our main page and click on the Mighty Songfacts Trivia link to take the newest quiz for the month of October.

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