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Netfix jacked up my rate!

Ombre Vivante

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For one month, I will be paying 5 dollars more! But I didn't cancel. I still like their overall service: fast shipping (one of their warehouses is in the same city I work in) and huge movie selection. They also have a decent webpage interface and it can be accessed pretty much anywhere; if I am not in town, I can put the service on hold without being charged. The times when discs have been lost or damaged, I've not been charged.

Don't get me wrong, I was pissed during the last pricing structure that charged me more for discs, so I changed from a 3-disc to a 2-disc plan. Coincidentally, if I go back to a 3-disc plan, I end up paying less per month than what I've been paying for the past decade!

I'm not a netfix rep, nor do I invest in it, but rebl0x doesn't look so hot: crappy selection, deadline to bring back the video, driving to the redbl0x itself. It's a hassle in light of the fact I can get more for doing less. I think this might work if you're within walking distance from one and if you don't care about movies (so you'll watch anything).

Hulu and other streaming services? I don't stream. I don't watch television and movies on screens smaller than 27 inches (and I don't have a modern tellie than can be h00ked up to a laptop for streaming). There's also the buffering, slow-down, and inability to have the "extras" that come with the disc (the majority of streamed junk doesn't have the extras). If anything, I'd rather torrent and by-pass all streaming services.

Since I will be paying a little more for one month, I will watch some streamed movies (I have about 100 streamed movies and shows in my queue). I'm thinking if I can watch at least five movies I will get my money's worth :beatnik:

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I don't know what Blockbuster's "standard rates" are, but the introductory rate is the same as what I paid Netflix, and is only good until the end of October. What I like about Netflix over BB is there are no late fees. I read the [smallest]very fine print[/smallest] on the BB flyer I got in the mail - which print is literally so small it's almost not there - and that's where it serves the killing blow about the late fees.

I sometimes cannot watch a movie the same week I receive it, and Netflix allows me to keep it for as long as I want, where BB has "additional charges" for anything not returned within 10 days.

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Don't forget lackluster is also quick to shove people into collections over some stupid "late fee." I'm glad that business model failed spectacularly when confronted by their rivals' people-oriented customer service :beatnik:

12 bucks for 2 discs at a time (unlimited monthly rentals) with a huge selection of movies and no late fees? Who can top that?

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