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The Sound

J Hill

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...just another work in progress...

You're playing with my heart

You've torn it plain apart,

and thrown it all away.

Yeah, that was just today.

So I'm not doing well,

the truth is I'm in Hell,

except this sound I found,

might just turn my life around....

Hey, have you heard the music the wind makes?

At the end of all of your mistakes...

through the trees on a summer's day?

Oh hey, when you're down on your knees and the tears drop,

if you listen you can hear the wind stop,

and the sound of a better day.

So hey, can you hear the magic a word makes?

At the end of your rope and the string breaks,

from a stranger who will catch your fall?

I'll be that friend; I can't tell you that I'll never hurt you,

but I promise I'll never desert you,

and I'll be here, to the end.

I am that sound, if you're down with no one else around.

With your back to the wall, another bad choice;

listen close and you may hear my voice.

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