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Well, the time has come to address another obscure band. This band being MOVE.

MOVE is a sort of techno/pop/rap group out of Japan. They blend fast techno beats with poppy singing and a bit of rap-style vocals. In some ways, they are similar to other Asian pop music, but in many ways they are different too.

If you're into anime at all, you may have heard of the TV series Initial D. MOVE did a lot of the music for that show, namely the opening theme "Around The World" and the closing "Rage Your Dream". Other songs include "Gamble Rumble", "Silent White" and "Can't Quit This (Knock 'Em Out)". Can't Quit This was used as the ending theme on the Playstation 2 game Dynasty Warriors 2.

Anyway, if you're looking for something fast and a bit different, consider MOVE.

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