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Life's Gotta Be More Than A Death Rehearsal

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While walking to work this morning, I was stealthily overtaking a sidewalk sojourner carrying a number of large, heavy books stacked up to his chin. I noticed the top book was about to slide off the pile, as he futilely tried to realign it with his lips. Without saying a word as I passed, I casually reached over and centered the top book back into balance on the stack. Moving swiftly past without looking back to see his reaction, I heard a nearly inaudible "muito obrigado," spoken humbly, almost as if a prayer. This triggered a 20 year-old recollection of a bumper sticker on a car stopped directly in front of me at a traffic light in Dayton, Ohio, "Commit random acts of kindness." The words struck me then as more meaningful than ironic. Recalled during the completion of my walk to work, they challenged me once more, causing me to formulate the content of the following paragraph.


Some call it "karma." Some call it "reaping what you sow." Newton's Third Law of Motion states that for every action there will be an opposite and equal reaction. Colloquially we say "what goes around comes around." That there exists a dynamic balancing function, actively syncopating within an expanding universe, goes perhaps beyond faith with a strong possibility of being reality. If in these times we are witnessing an increasing trend toward demonstrations of hatred, if we are noticing a furthering attraction for bloodshed by some misguided minority; is it possible that the majority of us have collectively taken too much time off from aggressive goodness? Could it be that if enough of us who love life and the living, commit enough random acts of kindness, that the absences of those acts will no longer have the effect of creating the voids and pockets into which the evil acts seem so ready to pour themselves for habitation?


Just sayin' ...

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