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My first thought...

Surrounded by others' well intentions

Brought out of my nine-month home

Took to what was shown me

In feeling what wasn't truly known

I wonder, at times

Like most people do

Living in luxury and forgetting who's who!

Is there an answer or is life just a breath?

If life is so wonderful . . .

Why is its final outcome death?

My second thought . . .

Is death just another door

To the fourth dimension?

I say yes,

Not because I know,

Truly not what professors told me so

Not even Einstein's theory

Catchy theory it was, flawed, though.

But light CAN exceed its own light & sound!

How profound! Not really.

The true miracle of the entire universe is the birth of one soul. Infinity will agree, one day . . .

"The day after tomorrow's yesterday."

the day after tomorrow's yesterday.

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