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for a friend

Beaten by circumstance

Betrayed, by God

Begrudging all choices my own

I’ve torn my own wings in a net of regret

Pinned myself down here alone

Death shades my life

Life times my death

A clock with hands running cold

My friend’s headstrong Hate, cursing cellmate

A voice sometimes all I can hold

When can I leave

Why did I come

Where do we each go to see

What it all means whenever we dream

How’s anything so expensive as free

Keep playing me tunes

Sing words that rhyme

Best are what’s maddeningly real

Shoved on my back inside a music rucksack

A note, a pause charged with Feel

Someday joy might happen

Some way it could be

Some time may adhere to my heart

If this measure’s two-beating keeps on repeating

Just like some damned drummer’s part


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