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I just covered a hole

Without a shovel

It made me feel whole

Don't know why

Can't say

Don't cry

Eventually, the cup always runs


Why? Oh well

What's the universal *question?

Threads of Mordor; girls young and fair

Is there truly a reason or is life just another

Portal of rage, chaos and dispair:


Would the answer be what you'd want;

Without *hesitation?

Everyone has a moment if just a




Just tonight?

My, such insight...


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:cool: This I like, Mr. Mole! Even if I don't know completely what it may actually mean! I like the way it flows. Maybe you're saying something about the constant battle between forever and right now? The question of the better... To choose some reason and believe, even irrationally. Or hopefully/begrudgingly/indulgently, just go with the flow (like all the kids are saying). And accept without reason.... Or leave it better to never not know. So? Does anyone else ever really....

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;) aye and aye :P Moleman, you know it's been suggested by some that all of mankind may have evolved originally from just such a creature as you probably know..... the more things change, the more things change and if that seems to go against any grain, well then who in a pinch can say who's to....
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Nice rhyme Mr. Tyme. And yes, I fully agree, the start of it was maybe a weirdo. After all, does that not sound quite normal? Perfection though natural imperfection. To obtain the required obsession? Accepting the dare, becoming aware, is it a wonder we favor depression?

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Depression has a bad rep. I mean, it's a natural feeling; It's NORMAL.

What is not normal is all these psycho-do-nothing names that helps no-one.

In my day, you were normal or insane.

Now, there are so many classifications of crazy that even a sane person might ask, "Damn, am I crazy?"


No-one ever likes depression and no-one can ever say they didn't feel that way.

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:cool: You're right Old Mole once more. And I'm pretty darn sure I am as well the same at some times. Yes, knew 'depression' would be a strong word. As far as emotions, and the control of the same, I say claim, don't blame. And wait the full feelings before you discern 'tween treasure or turd and ok, or needing some therapist's dealings. Whatever makes you happy soon will too pass, to our collective lament. It's our nature to suffer discontent:cool:

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Kids, see the phsychiatrist, Room 604.

Psychiatrist or psychologist? Because I think there may be a difference. Not that I alone would know. All I do know is wherever there is nothing, there is love. And there is nothing everywhere. Even at the office, Mr M. Thanks but I thinks you might had read to much out of it...Six-O-Four, you say?

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