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'Wonka' Kids All Grown Up

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Oompah-Loompa, Doompity Doo, I've got an exciting update for you.

Here are the original 'Wonka' kids from the 1971 movie, "Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory."


...and here they are all grown up for the 30th anniversary celebration.


Although in a slightly different order than the top photo, here they are from left to right (above):

~ Michael Bollner, or Augustus Gloop, the kid who loved to eat and fell into the chocolate river, is a tax attorney in Munich.

~ Denise Nickerson, or Violet Beauregarde, the constant gum chewer who turned into a blueberry, went on to play a role in the soap opera, "Dark Shadows," and then later became an accountant at an engineering plant.

~ Paris Themmen, or Mike Teevee, who lived and breathed TV and watched it 24/7, has been a commercial casting agent, a film production member, a Disney Imagineering employee, a retail salesman, a real estate agent, a finance guy, and he even started his own website, where he sells autographs.

~ Julie Dawn Cole, or Veruca Salt, the spoiled brat who wanted it all...NOW!, ended up with a successful career in theater, television, and fitness.

~ Peter Ostrum, or Charlie Buckett, who won the lifetime supply of chocolate, is a large animal vet in Glenfield, New York.

The photo may be dated, but the updates are recent.

If you've got 1:47 of time to spare, relive the excitement by checking out this preview that was made for the 25th anniversary of the movie:

"Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory"

This year will be the 39th anniversary of the movie.

Here is a photo of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka:


I sure wish there was lickable wallpaper today, where the oranges taste like oranges,raspberries taste like raspberries and the shnozzberries taste like shnozzberries.

Taken from the poem, "Ode", writen in 1874 by the British poet, Arthur O'Shaughnessy:

"We are the music makers,

and we are the dreamers of dreams"

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