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(this is a work in the making to eventually make a hit)!

I'm the atom ton-man

Ask a question when you can

Me? I'll never quite understand

The ones that'll never understand my plan

How can they

Or we?

Because the atomman's engine purrs

Whilst the driver slurs and swerves . . .

The atomman never is disturbed

Even while defeating itsself

Which, for all sake and reason

The atomic-man never will allow treason

Much less malfeasance . . .


Yet, time flies . . .

Much like the infinity of the sky


Atom-man is there

He knows not where


Even cares.

Why would anything not care?

The reason . . .

Because no one would ever dare . . .

To see the atom-man!


Because as sure as the sun comes up

The atomic-man will drain your cup

Dry . . .

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