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The Click Five - Ben Romans


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The Click Five have been tearing up the East Coast with their signature sound of '60s style pop music. It's a really easy listen, especially now that they have a new, more mature-sounding lead singer.

I talked to keyboardist and main songwriter Ben Romans back in March (of '09) and at the time they were still shopping this - their 2nd CD with their new singer - to record companies for release. And so at that point, Ben was still unable to tell me what the album's name would be, since they hadn't figured it out yet. Maybe by early summer.

Here it is - mid summer by most standards - and still no album name, although their first release (on 7" vinyl, so it was sort of unofficial) was out a couple of weeks ago. A tune called "I Quit! I Quit! I Quit!" and it's quite a boppy number... but I cheated. Since I don't have a turntable, I had to use the Mp3 widget that came with the 7" record in order to listen.

Still shopping for that elusive record company (they broke away from Atlantic for this effort), Ben has decided it's time to let the proverbial cat out of its burlap sack. And this is where it's lead us - to their Songfacts interview here:


Ben was candid about the music, and his heart is open to helping others less fortunate around this big ball of a planet... check out the interview and find out what he's doing that you can also get involved with... the karma is all good.

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