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Gin Blossoms - Jesse Valenzuela


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The original lead singer for the Gin Blossoms, Jesse handed over the mike when Robin climbed aboard. He remained one of the band's main songwriters until they split amicably in 1997.

They're back and touring again after a 10-year hiatus (for some reason, Ross and Rachel from "Friends" just jumped into my head: "We were on a break!!") and having a ball.

Jesse grew up in the town next to where I live right now... so a lot of the places we talked about are places I've been. He told me about Mrs. Rita (he remembers things differently than her, but I trust his recollection better), the places he raged when the band was getting started, his preference for green-eyed Irish girls, and his first Gin Blossoms "Wow!" moment in a grocery store.

Check out the interview

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