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Condo owner renovates wrong unit


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Condo owner finds out he's been living and renovating in the wrong unit

DENVER - He bought his first home, poured $30,000.00 into it to fix up, now 6 months later Jonathon Kyte has learned his home doesn't belong to him.

"I froze, I just pointed at it, my wife was there, we were just speechless."

According to the city and county of Denver, Jonathon owns the dump, next door. He found out about the mistake almost by accident when he received a map which showed the unit he's living is actually unit number 4.

But he owns the deed and title to unit number 5. Jonathon blames the Coldwell Banker listing agent for the mistake. She marketed the property and provided the key to the unit Jonathon and wife have been living in. He called the listing agent again and again but she wouldn't return his calls. He also called the title company, " Colorado American Title, " and an employee promised to get back to him, but never did.

So Jonathon called Fox 31 News. We confronted the listing agent's supervisor, but he would not comment on camera. He said their lawyers were looking into it.

Jonathon is now considered a squatter in the condo --he thought he bought.

And all the people who were so willing to sell it to him, are unwilling to help.

Copyright © 2009, KDVR-TV


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