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Quiz February 2009


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Melinda from Moose Jaw, Canada is this month's quiz winner and will receive a cool and comfortable

SongFacts t-shirt! :coolio:

Here are the answers:

1. What still-active American Rock band has gone the longest with no member changes?

ZZ Top - They've been together since 1969 with no member changes.

2. What '80s hit was also the name of a popular game show?

"Jeopardy" by Greg Kihn Band

"It Takes Two" by Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock

3. In what hit song is every day of the week except for Saturday mentioned in the lyrics?

"Lady Madonna" by The Beatles. #1 hit in the UK, #4 hit in the U.S.

"The Diary Of Horace Wimp" by Electric Light Orchestra. #8 hit in the UK.

4. What Top Ten hit from the '90s is based on a kind of doll?

"Barbie Girl" by Aqua

5. What do Metallica, U2, Creed, Three Dog Night and The Bee Gees have in common?

They all recorded songs called "One."

6. What singer that fronted a popular band in the '90s released a Country album in 2008?

Darius Rucker (Hootie and the Blowfish)

7. What famous singer had a hit in the '00s that was written by her brother-in-law.

Madonna - "Don't Tell Me"

8. What hit song from the 60's about a gruesome car accident became a hit once again when another band covered it in the 90's?

"Last Kiss" - originally by J. Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers, covered by Pearl Jam

9. What song popularized a catch phrase that Arnold Schwarzenegger used in one of his movies?

"Looking For A New Love" by Jody Watley - "Hasta La Vista, baby."

"Wild Thing" by Tone Loc - "Hasta La Vista, baby."

10. What Grammy-winning singer was an actress on the Soap Opera "As The World Turns?"

Lauryn Hill - She played Kira Johnson in 1991.

Note: Cyndi Lauper was not a correct answer as she only had a guest appearance as herself on the soap opera.

Congratulations to Melinda and thanks to all who entered the Mighty SongFacts Trivia Quiz this month. :thumbsup:

Go to our main page and click on the quiz link to enter the new quiz.

SongFacts :headphones:

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