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Let Me Go


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Lord, will you please take me, too?

You made me

Though I feel I can't go on

Anymore . . .

I always thought tears would end

But mine seem to never stop

Alls I want is to be whole again

Why must I drop?

The tears that never mend

I want it all to end!

It'd be quite easy

But I realize

The escape would be futile

Because . . .

No one escapes heartache easily

But, maybe I'll understand

One day . . .

So, please, let me go. . .

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Allow me sir, to be the 1st to reply....

Your words remind me of the struggles we all must go through, without ever really understanding. Why? My GrandMother at 96 and then again at 99 would say often the same sort of thing, and I'm only half of what her age was and I already often ponder the misery that seems inherant in every life. You have been read. It is good to be read :)


Kick a stone. A friend somewhere will remember you.

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my mother is now older than most of her friends, and she gets that look in her eye, when yet another friend/relative of her generation becomes gravely ill, or dies.

Thinking about what she must be going through, reminds me to take the time each day to pay attention to people and things I could be grateful for but have forgotten in that moment, and to look more to the future to create what I need.

I have a lot to heal in order to get there, some days are rough for me also. Music is one of the ways I try to cope, I have giant playlists around it, that's why I chose this name.

here, take two and call me in the morning :P Careful, it's strong stuff, lol.

Blues Makes Me Feel So Good - Albert Cummings


Alive In The World


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