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I give my eyeteeth to find this song


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At the end of the night

captured in the moonlight

you gave what you insist

was just a kiss.

But my lips said otherwise

and to my heart's surprise

that moment of total bliss

was more than just a kiss

because just a kiss can make my heart ache

just a kiss can make me fall.....

I have a very bad recording of this song (male artist) and would like to know the full title, artist, and - if it's still around - the source where I could buy it. Thanks a Bunch out there!! :bow:

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The eyeteeth are the four pointy teeth (canines) that sit beside the incisors. They get their name by sitting directly under the eyes.

I guess if one was a lion or some other type of carnivorous predator then losing one's eyeteeth would be something to be very concerned about. Humans can do quite well without the eyeteeth as the incisors and molars do most of our work.

I wouldn't want to lose my noseteeth. ::

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