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  1. Also on the Finding Forrester closing credits, which is the first time I ever heard it. Watching this movie was also the first time I ever tried dipping pickles into those cute nacho cheese containers. Yummy, yummy, try it!!
  2. Luckenbach Texas!!! (I'm not sure about the spelling though)
  3. Okay, I have one, even though it's not music related, but I would trade in my youth if i could go back in time and live the sixties: In The Bell Jar they mention purse covers, that you could make matching belt covers for? Like, you'd use the same purse I guess and make different covers for every day of the week. Someone please explain this process to meeeee!!!
  4. P.S. The second one is from Kristian Konde (i'm not sure about the spelling) and it's called Dolce Vita. It took a while to find someone who didn't look at me like I was crazy when I would sing it to them. You guys rock, laters!!
  5. and from ricky came the rock band nelson, and also an actress that used to play a nun on a tv series. the three of them have the same baby deer face. i always wanted to share my thoughts on the sibs' faces. yay.
  6. movies like which one? i've never noticed this song before.
  7. oooh, simon & garfunkel, okay. I thought it was something lloyd dobler might have said. P.S. I love this thread
  8. Hey, muzik, how about fallen angel from poison? hahahaha. Wasn't papa don't preach about teen pregnancy?
  9. thanks, gilla, i'm pretty sure that's it!!! it's super catchy, i'm soooo going to track down a copy! i'll keep searching for that other song. take care!!!
  10. 1. ice cream: coffee flavored ice cream 2. movie: cheaper by the dozen 3. PBnJ eewww. however, creamcheesenjelly w crust ON (and toasted, yum yum) 4. Celebrity crush: Rick Astley. 6 yrs old. 5. pens: blue 6. fave color: blue 7. $100: clearance priced clothes 8. cereal: cornuts (chile flavored) in pickle vinegar with an envelope of koolaid or flavoraid, yummy (the only thing i eat out of a bowl with a spoon besides soup) 9. the letter C: bcuz on a multiple choice exam if you don't know the answer you should always pick "c" according to probability. (so i've heard) 10. i was looking for a job and then i found a job and heaven knows i'm miserable now P.S. is that a say anything quote, costellogirl?
  11. Hi! I remember one sung by a girl group where the lead singer said "i will change tomorrow" and then the chorus would say "this could be the perfect place" it ended saying something like "we're all together now, but these are just wishes, and i am just dreaming" i think it was early 90's. Also, this other one was like mid to late 80's and had a latin kind of sound and started like "every time i hear that happy sound i remember summer '83, then we were only two strangers girl, and the music joined our lives" and the chorus for that one says "whoa, oh, whoa oh, baby, do you want to dance with me, whoa oh whoa oh baby, dance that happy sound" Please help, thanks, take care!!
  12. well a-teens, but i'm sure that's the obvious response. my fave from a-teens is super trooper.
  13. why can't i get my launch cast radio to work??? it was fine until a few weeks ago and now i always get an error message. it says i need to allow it on my list of allowed pop ups but it already is. could it be spybot? because i think i downloaded it around when the problem started. not sure though. anyway, thanks, bye!!
  14. i checked the credits on my copy and i think it's love has no pride by roseanne cash. good luck!!
  15. Denmark, is this the same Passenger song that Siouxsie and the Banshees recorded? just wondering, take care, bye!!
  16. Hi!! Does anyone remember a song that came out like two years ago that says something like "everyone likes to go to the beach" it's by a girl, and she also says something about guys checking her out in her tiny bikini. It's really cute. Take care everyone, bye!!!
  17. cutestuff, did you try checking your internet history, or going back to google and typing in any random letter so that a list of what you've previously searched on google that begins with the same letter would appear? i'm sure this is a pretty obvious solution that you've already tried but i would have felt bad not posting it because what if you hadn't. good luck!!
  18. Mindcrime, you are so right about the two good songs per cd thing. People are like, "those poor artists, it's not right to rip them off" blah, blah, blah, but in the end cds are hardly ever art anymore, they're just nicely packaged cost effective products, except that the inferior ones aren't released with generic brand prices, like most other products are. My latest personal example is jet, anyone who tells me each song on that cd adds up to $20 bucks must have a cd collection that spans only this last month.
  19. no, it's not these, but you guys are really sweet for trying to help me. thanks!!!
  20. Mindcrime: thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!
  21. music from Amber, especially the song Sexual, which is about her crushing on a guy who just sees her as a friend, i hate when that happens, don't you? this song is great motivation to try to look so fabulous your boy -space- friend will drop his jaw when he sees what a hottie you are
  22. mid to late 80's, I think the video was in black and white. it was very Steve Windwood type of music. I really appreciate your help!!
  23. "I was in a daze, moving in the wrong direction" it sounds a bit like Bonnie Raitt. Please help, thanks!!
  24. the major lambada song i remember here in U.S. went "llorando se fue la que un dia me entrego su amor, llorando estara, recordando el amor, que un dia no pudo cuidar" and i think it's called llorando se fue. good luck!!
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