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break on the knife

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Shes my favorite source of company

we spent alot of time dreaming

now the couch cushions stay cold

and days go by slower

than any ive known

It really seems like

the minute hand is taking its precious time

keeping me in the worst hour of my life

our once perfectly aligned beating hearts

are now apart forever

our loving memories are now

the hardest for me to remember

why cant you just give me a second try

to rebuild the broken bridge

seperating our staring eyes

My silence is found

where hindsight is as lost as can be

I feel like im running in circles

all around the words I mean to speak

who can I trust in when a world apart

is right where you planted the seed

where you wanted me to be

I guess ill take in some sun

grow from a bleeding type to a blushing one

and hope the end will come soon

so I can feel the reality of dying in love

I am so close to blooming

just to give up

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