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Quiz June 2008

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Ron from Senatobia, MS is this month's quiz winner and will receive a cool and comfortable

SongFacts t-shirt. :coolio:

Here are the answers for the quiz:

1. Since 1970, what is the best-selling band with exactly one female member who is not the lead singer?

The Talking Heads

The female member is Tina Weymouth.

2. What popular '70s group with more than four members performed with each member dressed in a different costume?

Village People

3. What UK and U.S. hit from the '80s is a tribute to a British singer who died young?

"Life In A Northern Town" by The Dream Academy is a tribute to Nick Drake who died at the age of 26.

4. What famous actress released her first album in May, 2008?

Scarlett Johansson

5. What popular singer used a stage name in the '70s, but dropped it in favor of his real name in the '90s?

John Mellencamp - he was "John Cougar" when he started.

6. What popular singer has a child named "Moe"?

Jack Johnson

7. What rap duo had their own Saturday morning cartoon?

Kid 'N' Play

8. What famous singer appeared as a high school band audition judge in a popular '80s movie?

Huey Lewis

The movie was Back To The Future.

9. What famous musical couple - he with a band and she as a solo artist - married in 2008?

Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) and Ashlee Simpson

10. What Rap hit from the '90s mentions the song "Ooh Child" by The Five Stairsteps?

"Intergalactic" by the Beastie Boys

The song says, "It always brings me back when I hear Ooh Child."

Congratulations to Ron and thanks to everyone who entered the quiz this month. :thumbsup:

Slide on over to our main page and click on the link to take the newest Mighty SongFacts Trivia Quiz.

SongFacts :headphones:

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