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I'm not sure if this is the right section for this, but here goes,

Swagbucks.com is a website where you can win "swagbucks", points that are used to send for merchandise from certain bands or random things that the site itself hands out. Vintage record albums go for 45 swagbucks, but VHS movies and cassette albums have just recently been available. They show as examples of what's available as The Beatles and Led Zeppelin, but whatever they send out is random.

Does anyone else know about swagbucks? I thought if so, it would be nice to list what albums we got from there, so others would know what to expect. I previously got Steely Dan's "Aja", Kansas' "Left Overture", Jackson Browne's "Running On Empty", and Chicago's "Hot Streets". They've all been in great condition, though they're definitely used.

Here's a link to the different celebrities they have to "search with".


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