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George Starostin


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Anyone here ever go to amateur reviewer George Starostin's website?

I think he writes some of the best reviews on albums I've read. Although I don't always agree with him (how boring would that be?), he almost always has some unique insight about an artist that I don't initially hear with my own ears. That, and a lot of times he sums up perfectly how I feel about a particular album or artist.

Just thought I'd see if anyone here knows about his site and what they think of his reviews. It's fun and interesting reading material, IMO. Thanks.

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention his rating system. It's better than any other one I know of. That's it.

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Finally, someone on this board who likes this guy as much as me. :cool: :bow: :thumbsup:

He is, indeed, amazing, considering the guy's Russian. God, Imean, he shares many of my musical tastes! And he's shown me how to appreciate other artists I use to hate (punk, ambient). I must look at him as a Master. :bow:

I mean, I even have a Internet radio station devoted to his choices.

Does that make me a stalker? :shocked:

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