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I was making a bad joke about how spawnfreak used ALL CAPS in his post (according to Web Etiquette that is supposed to be like screaming).

I hadn't read your post about Troy because I was composing my own at the same time. I agree that the Gods are essential to Homer's Iliad, but apparently of less concern to Hollywood and box-office calculations. My point was that just because Beowulf is "old", that doesn't mean adapting it is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

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bazooka, I totally understand your HOLLERING now! :: I just get uppity because I was a lit major in college and have read the Iliad and Beowulf a gagillion times. I am not at all against adapting books into films, but leaving out essential elements (like the gods) just rankles me. Personally I would rather see an 8th Century poem get turned into a move than rides at Disneyland. I guess that's why I don't work in the movies.

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A movie that will appeal to 13 year-old boys!

What a unique new concept!

[i'm not picking on you, Danielj. Just kidding around]

I mean if Beowulf is movie business-as-usual, they will see some need to 'pump it up' with FX. And, if we're lucky, the writers may have looked at the Cliff Notes.

But, on the other hand, I suppose an optimist could say there is some slight chance this might turn out to be a classic motion picture.

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