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Quiz November 2007


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Varaggiu from Taormina, Italy is this month's quiz winner and will receive a cool and comfortable

SongFacts t-shirt :coolio:

Here are the answers.

1. What John Lennon song provided the title for a popular novel that was made into a movie?

"Instant Karma"

The line, "we all shine on" gave Stephen King the title for "The Shining".

2. Who had at least one U.S. Top-40 hit every year for 26 years?

Elton John

He had a Top-40 hit every year from 1970-1995.

His first single, "Your Song", peaked at #8 in early 1971, but it debuted in the Top-40 on Dec. 19, 1970, making it a Top-40 hit in 1970.

The hits continued every year after through 1995.

3. What Top-40 song got it's title from something an assailant said when he attacked a news anchor?

"What's The Frequency, Kenneth? by R.E.M.

In 1986, anchor Dan Rather, from The CBS Evening News, was attacked while walking on the street by an assailant who kept repeating the question over and over again while beating him.

The band, Game Theory, also released a song called "Kenneth, What's The Frequency", but is not well-known.

4. What band, who's name was used in the title of a well-known movie from the mid-'80s, once had a member who became a solo star in the 80's?

Breakfast Club

Madonna was the group's drummer for a short time in 1979.

5. What group, whose name ended in a "z", had a Top-10 U.S. hit in the 70's?

The Jaggerz

They reached #2 with "The Rapper" in 1970.

6. In 2007, what famous band released an album online and let buyers choose what they would pay for it?


They first released their album, In Rainbows, as a digital download before later releasing it on CD.

7. In the 70's, what group had a U.S. #1 hit with an eleven year-old lead singer?

The Jackson Five

Michael Jackson was only 11 years old when the song, "I Want You Back" hit #1 on the U.S. charts.

The song was released in 1969 and debuted in the Top-40 of the Hot 100 chart on Dec. 6, 1969, peaking at #1 in late Jan. 1970.

8. What single is the longest song to hit #1 on the U.S. Hot 100 chart?

"American Pie (Parts I & II)" by Don McLean.

It has a total track length of 8:32.


The song, "I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)" by Meat Loaf has an album track length of 11:59, but that time length is the album version of the song only.

The single edit which hit #1, was much shorter, close to only six minutes in the U.S.

9. What singer's grave is a popular tourist's destination in Paris?

Jim Morrison of The Doors.

10. What Oscar-winning actor released an album - his only one - in 2004?

Kevin Spacey with "Beyond The Sea."

Congratulations to Varaggiu and thanks to everyone who entered this month's quiz. :thumbsup:

Head on over to our main page and click on the quiz link to take the newest quiz.

SongFacts.com :headphones:

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