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Found 2 results

  1. February is finally over, and Spring is trying to arrive. Submitted for your approval, Andrew Zimmern, the Travel Channel's roaming Foodie in Hawaii. With a number of food cultures to be found, prepare to be...amazed? disgusted? shocked? Meh? If this is too much for you, just crack open a Cup Noodle, pour some no-longer-boiling-water into it, and do something else.;)
  2. I've hanging out on the Travel Channel, which "does more history than The History Channel." Josh Gates, host-explorer of "Expedition Unknown" did a segment on Byron Preiss' 1982 treasure hunt book "The Secret" and two of the successful searches. If you're of the "Dungeons & Dragons" bent, or have a vivid imagination, this "semi-precious" stone hunt is for YOU. All you have to do is gaze at a picture/painting in "The Secret" book, figure out which place to begin the search, follow the playful directions in a poem, dig up the plexiglass container, open the enclosed ceramic box, and send the key to NYC. If you've got the real thing, Byron Preiss estate will send you the key and a gemstone as a reward for solving the puzzle. WARNING! People have spent years searching for these urban treasures and found NOTHING. Got your "Goonies" T-shirt, a shovel, and determination? Get thee down "the rabbit hole";)
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