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Found 121 results

  1. Submitted for your approval, the further adventures of "Techmoan" in the Land of Discarded Tech. Are ye interested in big bags of decrepit electronics? See what one can bid on at the Jauce auction site. Is there anything that can be brough back to life, or has Mat bitten off much more than he can chew? Stay tuned for a long video...
  2. Submitted for your approval, an HMV windup gramophone running at 78 RPM. How does it sound? Scratchy, tinny. and awful? Are you sure about that? "Techmoan" takes us back to 1946 to hear if a HMV 102 sounded awful... This just in: The "Moan Family" Puppets are back!;)
  3. Submitted for your approval, "a gem found in a bundle" from Japan. It's "MiniDisc time with Techmoan' again, with an "end of the line" portable play-only model, the Sony MZ-E620. Got your vintage MiniDisc in hand? Let's start unwrapping the little sucker...
  4. Submitted for your approval, a MIDI music player for the student, Hipster, or "Techmoan." Extra: Convert Audio signal to MIDI
  5. Oh bother, you've been off the job for a while and the electricity's been cut off! Your battery powered laptop, Smartphone, and ancient MP3 player batteries have run out of juice. What's a Hipster to do? Luckily (like "Techmoan") you bought a Gakken "Premium Gramophone Kit" and you have time on your hands to assemble and fine tune it. First off, find a number of "LPs-you-don't-mind-being-destroyed-by-dodgy-equipment" and it's time for that "Hot Pants Rain Dance" Disco LP featured on "Bob's Burgers." What ho, you found grandpa's secret stash of 78s, too! Wind up the Victrola, music time is here...
  6. Have you seen oh-so-chic/Hip electronics in clear plastic cases? You have? OK buddy, where did your serve time at? "Techmoan" presents a lesser-known reason for clear plastic cassette tapes and cases when music CDs were tops of the Pops. In addition, there was a reason for "Skeleton"/clear plastic cases for radios, cassette tape players, and TV sets, as well. Get on the bus to Shawshank Prison, you're about to find all about Prison Tech...
  7. Submitted for your approval, a video dispatch from "Techmoan," safely esconced in his decrepit, er, classic tech bunker for the next 3 months. Have you ever seen a 10.5 inch reel open reel tape recorder spooling out incredible sound in, say, the mid 1970's at an "Audio Center"-like electronics tech store? (Or at the home of "the coolest kids in the neighborhood"?) I recall seeing these "monster tape reel" units at such high tech stores and remember magazine ads for ReVox tape recorders, showing off their "play all day/night" capabilities. Here is a tour of a much-used Sony open reel tape recorder destined for a "tapehead" on a budget who asked Matt to put out a "BOLO" for such a beast. Keep the Cabin Fever at bay for a bit, and see what $1250 might buy in the middle 1970's.;)
  8. "Techmoan" has found/discovered/bought a way to add Table of Contents data to your just-recorded MiniDisc. Starting with the "Remote Control Boogie," one can add track data by using the (limited) alphanumeric buttons found on the remote control. (Proofread your entries, lest you end up with unintentionally humorous TOC on the MiniDisc.) Can one use a keyboard instead of entering data character-by-character via a "twist-knob-this-way-for-uppercase-that-way-for-lower-case" controls on the component-level MiniDisc player? It depends. Matt also notes "the 'Techmoan' effect" on the prices of tech online, while looking for a "keyboard" PS/2 connector.
  9. Submitted for your approval, a 3M Magnetic Tape Viewer. A what!? Yessir, back in the 1960's, if you were a recording tech and needed to know what kind of recording was on magnetic media, this would have been in your toolkit. How does it work? Watch the video and see what 8 Track, 2- and 4-Track open reel tape, Compact Cassette, and even VHS looks like in this "magic window." Note: There is a modern version at a "Lab Tech" price.;)
  10. Say what!? Your "little bundle of joy" dropped your does-everything-but-vote Smartphone into the ocean/river/down the sewer? After some harsh words and histrionics, you settle for a "burner phone" until the next SuperDazzle Gen. 7 phone arrives. The "burner doesn't do music"!? What's left? Enter the uses-a-Sony-OS "cheaper Walkman" NW-A55, which will let you FLAC through the workday. "Techmoan" found that the "cheap Walkman" is different from the top of the line NW-100 series, and not just the price. Was this a "built on a Thursday/just before the weekend" glitch? Take a look/listen as "Techmoan" investigates.
  11. Psst! Did you see that electronic doohickey on that Japanese tech site? You bid on it and won, but how do you pay for it and get it shipped without tons of red tape and customs fees? "Techmoan" unboxes a mysterious, bulky package from Japan and reveals "what lies within." What could go wrong? Keep watching this tale of intrigue, layered packing, and the "how did that happen to this?" result.
  12. Submitted for your approval, a good quality electronic equipment brand that aimed at the middle of the market. "Techmoan" has a "stealth brand" for budget stereophiles in search of "good value flying under the radar."
  13. Back in the days just before Blockbuster Video left the corner video rental store in the dust, I wondered if a recordable Laserdisc was possible. Time marches on, Blockbuster is doing a "fade to black," and I'm using one of the last DVD recorders made in the early 2000s to record a 1983 Japanese "morning drama show," about a Meiji-to-Showa girl/woman, "Oshin." (I wasn't interested in this unique year long NHK Taiga drama when it ran in 15 minute daily segments back then.) Submitted for your approval, "Techmoan" has intercepted a dumpster-bound "Laserdisc" recording system! A product of the early 1990's, this particular "Write Once, Read Many" videodisc system was used by a museum for it'a ability to store 43,000 images. Look closely at this "MaxiDisc" and be amazed at the swift march of progress...
  14. And now something unique for the holidays from "Techmoan." Submitted for your approval, new music/artists on: LPs, Compact Cassettes, MiniDisc, DCC, and 8 Track cartridge!? As an unknown/new artist, how do you "get noticed" or rise above the crowd? For maximum impact, get your music pressed on a "sparkly" disc that is a sight and sound delight. (Not only does it sparkle, there's a changing hologram to be seen!) What if you're an established artist who wants to make the next opus memorable? A limited edition tape cassette will get the Steam Punks to notice. How about DIY music? MiniDiscs are still being produced for that "Blade Runner'/"Star Trek" alternate time line feel. Stuck in the 1070's? Put your next musical journey on 8 Track for the mobile sound market. Is the ultra niche market your game? Go with DCC, an obscure 1990's format. Not obscure enough? Release it on microcassette! (No Puppets...again.)
  15. Submitted for your approval, a "Techmoan" video! Here Matt uses a "free camera" provided by the UK Kodak instant picture patent holder on a sunny day. Will this "peek aboo" camera produce good results, or is the Zink paper system camera disappoint? How long between prints. (It's still a "when can I see the picture?" slow dance.) Can you use the camera as a printer for your Smartphone? How much does each Zink print cost? (The usual question, "is it available for sale on this side of the Atlantic?" isn't answered.)
  16. Along with 50Hz power and amazing AC plugs, the UK does things a bit differently than the U.S.A. 45 RPM 7 inch singles in the UK (Europe as well?) had LP-size small holes, unlike the RCA "doughnut"-size spindle holes. "Techmoan" takes on the question of adapting the small hole 7 inch 45 RPM disks to a U.S./RCA-spec. Jukebox via vinyl hole makers/enlargers. Warning! The ham-handed results may horrify vinyl record collectors! Proceed at your own risk!
  17. Submitted for your approval, a Sony Compact Cassette player-recorder that ISN'T a Walkman! Decrepit, er, Classic Tech seeker "Techmoan' found a long piece of "needs repair/for parts" Sony portable cassette tape machine that also "does shortwave radio." As expected, a "disintegrated into goo" rubber belt needs to be replaced and the circuitous path that drive wheel and guides lie upon require hard work. Did you know that LED lamps interfere with radio reception? Oh well, two steps forward, one step back. Big news! The "Moan Family puppets" are back, and "tech talker Zack" makes his debut, along with the Higgs-Boson particle!
  18. Submitted for your approval, a 40th anniversary Sony Walkman without headphones and a never-ending "Cassette Tape" display for 400 English Pounds Sterling! (Say what!?) "Techmoan" imported this thing from Japan and got an Android without either cellphone nor camera. (WTF!?) Just play the video, Mr. Phelps, and imagine what the Impossible Missions Force at Sony has to do to sell this product...
  19. The previous Gixie clock was a quality control mess: One tube socket not glued, the clock would dim if "shaken or stirred," and one tube was DOA. (Dead on arrival.) The manufacturer contacted "Techmoan" and sent: A replacement tube and TWO Gixie clocks! These "2.0" versions are much better built and no amount of "earthquake shakes" dim the display. See the video for particulars on the revised version...
  20. Have you ever wondered why the Vinyl(ite) record world is divided into 33 1/3 and 45 RPM disks? Fear not, "Techmoan" takes us on a "Wayback machine" journey to 1949, when...well, you'll have to find out for yourself. Submitted for your approval, Columbia/CBS Records announces, RCA Victor grouses, and Philco cleans up like gangbusters, in a tale of THREE record disk speeds! No Shellac bugs were hurt during the production of this video...which lacks Puppets!
  21. Submitted for your approval, a "Hertz rending" problem for UK Boffin, "Techmoan." The UK runs on 230V, 50Hz line power, while the U.S. and Japan run on 100-115V, 60Hz, which becomes a problem for "Techmoan" when he imports interesting/unique/decrepit tech. What to do? How about a battery-powered voltage inverter? It's a "humdinger" for "Techmoan" and this time, The Puppets Are Back!;)
  22. Submitted for your approval, a cheese sandwich! This culinary gem from "Techmoan's" kitchen is...hold on there, this is about electronics, not Food! Ahem, submitted for your approval, the Gixie clock, which simulates a "Nixie tube" display and comes in various colors. "For how long?" You cheeky plonker! What does it matter if this Chinese "appliance" is poorly built, displays substandard quality control, and raises the ire of "Techmoan"? You've just gotta see how this...thing disappoints in so many ways.
  23. Submitted for your approval, hear the latest "article of interest" read in "audio book" style on Compact Cassette. Here's the latest from "Techmoan" who reveals a health issue that may make him a client of such services. Nevertheless, take a look/listen at a fascinating method of getting around the "dead tree" debate and how a tape can be played for six hours at a stretch.
  24. Step right up folks, see this miracle of the age! Hot from "Techmoan," here's a "Laser" light projector to enliven your parties after dark. Yessir, similar merchandise was sold at The Sharper Image for $200, but we're putting into your hands for less than that! How many do you want for Holiday season gift giving? Is it "I'll take eight," which is Dr. Zoiberg;s line? Here is something that will light up the Internet when your friends get it for Christmas! (Sorry, no puppets.)
  25. Submitted for your approval, a digital music player! You remember those, don't you, "iPod" and all that? "The Smartphone can do EVERYTHING, so why do I need this thing?" As one of the "Moan Family" puppets will say: Some things are better left Separate. (Yes, they're Back!) Find out what nefarious uses "Techmoan" puts to this Sega Saturn Edition, which will handle most of the disparate digital audio file formats on the Interweb. Did you know that Sony dares to celebrate Ye Olde Walkman? Enter if you dare...
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