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  1. I've always washed the dishes and utensils "the old fashioned way." Dish Washer? That's for rich folks that set the table with real silverware and Wedgwood China. So I'm not much more advanced than a Boy Scout, washing Ye Olde Messkit in a bucket set on a fire in the woods/camp. Dann.Tech, a French company, contacted "Techmoan" to address this domestic task with a unit that "delivers squeaky clean" glassware in a tiny space, that consumes very little counter space, using at most, a gallon of water per cycle. Take a look at this modern marvel; I'm still a Kitchen Neanderthal with plastic plate
  2. Here's a blast from the component audio equipment past! "Techmoan" has found an 89 Pounds Sterling, "Dual" Turntable. Yessir, for your next cosplay party, you can dress up as a 1980's DeeJay and play your old LPs on a "cosplay Technics" turntable. But is this better than "the usual Crosley, Pizza box" turntable? Put on your battered copy of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" and see what "Techmoan" DISC-overed.;) Here's a "Horrible Piece of Rubbish" mechanism to Avoid at all costs!
  3. Do you hanker for an interesting game of skill and timing? Do you like trains? "Techmoan" has a game for you; be a Japanese train driver and see if you can arrive on time and at the station stop sign. Too bad there's no "Tarin to Busan" segment.;)
  4. Submitted for your "March of Time: How Far Have We Come?" file. "Techmoan" has friends all over, and a Finn sent him a corporate-level slide projector with a recording system. Imagine yourself at a district conference where new products are being discussed/rolled out, and you can comment on each image/product. Just the thing for a "mid century corporate" collector or Ye Olde Antique Shoppe.;)
  5. For that difficult person on your Christmas gift list, toothsome audio! Yessir, if you don't mind sending away to the UK for a chocolate 45 RPM record, this will get noticed, used, and eaten. While "Techmoan" tries to get chocolate off his Audio Technica stylus, play the video and "take a giant step backward" into Edison wax cylinder-level sound. There definitely is "chocolaty midrange" in this disc.;)
  6. The Digital Compact Cassette, thought to have been bypassed in a world dominated by MiniDisc and MP3s, continues to exist and prosper! Oy, wot's a "digital compact cassette"? Allow "Techmoan" to take you down the late 1990's audio rabbit hole before MP3s, and you will see what can be done with .WAV files in 2020. (Sorry, no "Moan Family" puppets.;)
  7. Welcome to The Audio Museum! Submitted for your entertainment, "Techmoan" has gathered a number of media types that can/cannot be played/seen on various kinds of hardware. Yessir, some of this stuff "belongs in a museum" because of circumstances beyond the control of the music makers. Step into the Audio Wayback machine, (some of it) will be a "sound and light" show!
  8. Here's a convoluted tale about how Philco Ford started to make small 331/3 speed mini records, which could be played on a Japanese mini record player that sported French (!) labelled controls, and may have had something to do with Americam PocketDiscs. Submitted for the budding Sherlock Holmes or "Alice Liddell," here's a 1960's saga that is stranger than fiction. Got your climbing gear and flashlights ready? It's "Indiana Jones" time, in a search for a lost record disk format.
  9. Salesman: "Step right up folks! Those ION electronics boffins have spared no expense to recreate a 'Retro Style' Boom Box for your next block party! Just $100 will buy you the greatest neighbor-annoyer money can buy!!" "Techmoan" imported a U.S. market "Street Rocker" Boom Box in hopes that he'd get a good buy for the money. Unroll the video and see how far his much-more-than-$100 actually bought. (Spolier alert: Nope!)
  10. So you've been banned from every horse race track in the state and adjoining venues? The local church/volunteer fire department/community needs money to operate? Combine your need with theirs in a "Race Night!" Is this legal? That depends on local gambling ordinances, but rest assured, there are random endings to each race, just to "keep your bookie straight." Get your matches/pennies/game tokens together, there's gonna be some horse racing tonight!
  11. Were you a "Tween" just after" the turn of the century"? Do you remember this begging-to-be-collected/traded "edited down to a minute" Pop music on a chip? "Techmoan" takes a look at this pre-Teen musical collector's item, which I'd never heard of, then or now.;)
  12. Submitted for your amazement, great prints from a pocket size printer! Yessir, for a sizeable investment in equipment and materials, you too can turn out magazine quality tiny prints that can be stuck on any convenient surface. Pay up and get ready to do things in sets of ten, as "Techmoan" shows you the ins and outs of the Dye Sublimation process. You want bigger prints? "Techmoan" has a (somewhat) less pricey alternative via Canon Dye-Sub. Get ready to see things "going back and forth" as "waterproof stickies get layered.";)
  13. Submitted for the ROTFLMAO set, the best "public annoyance" possible.;) It's another piece of yesterday's tech unearthed by "Techmoan" that never left Japan. If you didn't have the money or time to display your (questionable) vocal gifts, here's a deluxe package of 1980's JPop for you to drive peopla and animals crazy. If you can read Japanese text, and sing obscure Japanese songs, this is your key to reverb+vocal immorality. "Techmoan" even sings a Standard near the end of the video! (You have been warned.;)
  14. Do you still play your old mixtapes? Do you want a portable CD player? How about MP3/USB capability? "Techmoan" has found a "possibly new old stock" Panasonic multimedia player that can sound "half way decent" at a foreign Amazon store. For more details, watch Mat tell you about this battery/AC-powered Boombox that comes with a don't-lose-it remote control for fine tuning this chunky beast. So, if your Ghetto Blaster is losing it, this may be a (fairly) good replacement.
  15. Step right up folks! How about a 5 inch reel-to-reel tape recorder used by officials and news reporters in the 1970's and 1980's? "Techmoan" has discovered a source for "new old stock" DIN plug tech of yesteryear. Imagine being able to record in Monoaural at FOUR tape speeds! Theis kit comes with a Lead-Acid battery, high quality microphone, and the sort of build quality that Chinese manufacturers can only dream about. Wait, there's more... Polish "Sound Postcards"!
  16. Submitted for your puzzlement, a video package/format aimed at Middle School kids. A collaboration between Samsung and Warner Bros., you got a $150, 4/AA cell player with a 2.5" screen that can't be hooked up to a standard TV! What kind of movie would you get for $25? Two, count them, two discs for the likes of "Catwoman" or "Starsky & Hutch"! Be the envy of Wagstaff Middle school with your-batteries-die-after-2-hours 8cm disc player. Is the video OK? Keep watching, there's a bit more to come...
  17. Submitted for your amazement, another unique tape format from "Techmoan." An passenger aircraft tape system with Muzak and emergency announcements from Brtiish Airways, and a Moan Family Puppet! What more could you want, except to never hear any of the emergency announcements while you're "up in the air.";) Part 2: What's in the Black Box?
  18. Submitted for your enjoyment, the many twists and turns on the long road to repair of a (somewhat not) working 1975 Pioneer cassette deck. "Techmoan" presents a tale of discovery as he looks for slipping belts and a noisy volume potentiometer. Send this off to an expert to repair? That would cost more than the thing is worth, so "Techmoan" opted to "play doctor.";)
  19. Notice: Unprofessional Ad for tape cleaners with non-celebrity endorsement! Is your "All Rush" mixtape dirty? (Not the content, is the tape sticking to itself?) If so, here's a product that will clean your Cassette tape in seconds! (Sent to "Techmoan" by a fellow who found it in a junkyard.;)
  20. Submitted for your approval, a 1975 pioneer Compact Cassette deck with a "flip down" clock! "Techmoan" unveils his latest Japanese import and traces the evolution of Compact Cassette decks from the dictation quality Norelco to the "high fidelity component rack" look of later years.
  21. Submitted for your approval, two high tech "light kits" from Germany. "Techmoan" has done it again, dragging a small tech company from obscurity to commercial success! So, here are two very interesting LED kits guaranteed to fill your "slack time" and turn the darkest night into a "druggie light show.";) The Cube "requires assembly" and common sense to turn slabs of plastic into a kinetic light sculpture that rivals a sex-starved male Cuttlefish "on the make." Next, is a four digit LED display that doesn't require electronic hobbyist skills, but has as many modes and possibilities as any humb
  22. Found in a no-longer-used British Rail communications room at a village railway station, a group of endless loop tape cartridges. It's time for Britain's most interesting tech boffin, "Techmoan" to figure out what's on these old tapes. First, what company made these tapes? Second, is there any message on these tapes? Third, can these tapes be played on a "modern" reel-to-reel player/recorder? It's "lemon-squeezing time" with Mat; who knows what BR was doing then...
  23. Submitted for you approval, two gadgets from "Techmoan's Kitchen" to keep you cool in the Summer heat. Welcome to the positively interesting "Techmoan Infomercial" channel. Is it possible to make passable "Snow Cones/Shave Ice" at home? Open the box, take the washable parts out, wash off "industrial dust," get your favorite "Sno-Cone" syrup, crush those unsuspecting ice cubes, and listen to magic being made. In the second part of the show, get a bottle of your favorite beer, ("Techmoan's dad drinks "Budweiser"!?), open up the box, clean the washable mechanical bits off, get some cool water, a
  24. Submitted for your approval, the further adventures of "Techmoan" in the Land of Discarded Tech. Are ye interested in big bags of decrepit electronics? See what one can bid on at the Jauce auction site. Is there anything that can be brough back to life, or has Mat bitten off much more than he can chew? Stay tuned for a long video...
  25. Submitted for your approval, an HMV windup gramophone running at 78 RPM. How does it sound? Scratchy, tinny. and awful? Are you sure about that? "Techmoan" takes us back to 1946 to hear if a HMV 102 sounded awful... This just in: The "Moan Family" Puppets are back!;)
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