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Found 4 results

  1. http://www.quizony.com/which-popular-historical-figure-are-you-most-like/index.html?utm_source=fb&utm_campaign=%23which-popular-historical-figure-are-you-most-like%23USD-3%23roi-hunter%23dco%23--%23which-popular-historical-figure-are-you-most-like%23USD-3%23roi-hunter%23US%23Desktop%23dco%23&utm_medium=clicks_to_website&utm_id=at1!9829556&utm_term=ROIHUNTER I took the test and I'm most like "Abraham Lincoln"! (How did that happen? I thought that "Honest Abe" was far more dynamic!;)
  2. What 80's song are you"

    http://www.quizony.com/what-80s-hit-song-are-you/index.html?utm_id=at1!9026533&utm_campaign=%23what-s-your-80s-theme-song%23USD-1%23roi-hunter%23dco%233titles%23--%23what-s-your-80s-theme-song%23USD-1%23roi-hunte%23US%23Desktop%23dco%233titles%23&utm_medium=click_to_website&utm_source=fb&utm_term=ROIHUNTER This Quizony tale found that I'm "Money for Nothing.";)
  3. http://www.quizony.com/what-classic-rock-band-are-you/index.html?utm_campaign=USD-2+%23what-classic-rock-band-are-you%23*dco*US%24int%24--%23what-classic-rock-band-are-you%23*dco*US%24int%24&utm_source=fb&utm_medium=clicks_to_website&utm_id=at1!8050241&utm_term=ROIHUNTER I found this on my Facebook page, once again, so here's something for you to do instead of getting assaulted by candidates-for-President-ads.;) The Eagles You sure know how to 'Take It Easy.' You are easygoing and relaxed. You are a good listener and people rely on you for feedback and advice. You are easily approachable and often greet people with a warm smile. You enjoy the simple things in life like sunsets, walks on the beach, and homemade dinners. On the weekends, you are comfortable staying at home in your pajamas. I changed a few of the answers, but it didn't make any difference; I'm in California...again.;)
  4. Which Band Are You?

    http://www.quizony.com/which-band-are-you/index.html?qisrc=main-page Something for everybody, (I think) based on a series of questions. (I couldn't find "which Classic Rock band are you?" on the site.)