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Found 3 results

  1. Submitted for the Silent Movie fan, a Yasujiro Ozu film without any kind of music track! This played on Turner Classic Movies "Silent Sunday" on September 20, 2020. I find it interesting that that this 1932 film is a Silent movie when other movie studios are making Sound movies, but this is a solid college student tale. A group of less-than-academically-gifted college students manage to "crib note" their way through exams, while having the time of their lives. One is plucked from college by fate, becomes the company President of a trading company, while the others "continue their studies." Graduation day comes, and it's job hunting time for the "cheating hearts." With less-than-stellar academic records, they pay a visit to their old college buddy in search of work. Have the years at the helm of a business hardened the attitude of "Mr. Lucky," or will he help his cheering squad friends?
  2. School days in 1931 Tokyo. What's that, you say? Where's the sound? It's a Silent movie by an early master of Japanese film who eschews "that new-fangled noise." Get in line, single file, march to the field!
  3. This was the first of a three film bundle at Turner Classic Movies last week. Yasujiro Ozu, famed for "setting the camera low in the frame, like an unwanted guest" and sober observations of life in post-World-War-II Japan had a different outlook on life in the 1930'a. (Note: Turn on English subtitles in the menu to "see the dialog".) He also preferred to "stay silent" long after others had converted to the "talkies." The TCM presenter noted that this picaresque look at the working class poor was influenced by German films of the time. Yep, Sonny is a handful, trying his best to keep a nubile woman and his father apart.
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