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Found 4 results

  1. Hoe accurate/on key was Karen Carpenter? Press PLAY to hear what Fil thinks of this 1970's vocalist.
  2. Do some record company executives really have "Tin Ears"? Fil of Wings of Pegasus does an A vs. B analysis of Art Garfunkel's performance of "Bridge Over Troubled Water," natural and Autotuned. It sounds like a "Cylon Base Ship Top 100" version when Art's voice is "corrected." Proceed if you dare, and don't mind the HAL 9000 version.:(
  3. And now for something completely different. Looking over the numerous analysis videos under "Wings of Pegasus," I wondered what he though of Harry Chapin. As you can tell from the video title, Fil thinks highly of Harry Chapin. It's time to take a "Taxi" with "the British guitarist.";)
  4. Can you tell when someone uses Autotune to juice up a recording? No? Listen to Fil sing "raw" and "Autotuned" to hear the difference. I've come across "British Guitarist analyzes X" for a while, but didn't play one of his videos until I saw Jim & Maury's "Operator" analyzed. This led to his analysis of Don McLean's "American Pie," and that's all I needed to sign up. Looking at his previous vidoes, I came across this "in my voice" demonstration of Autotune, and it may be of interest to some...
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