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Found 4 results

  1. Here's a video from "VWestlife" about a thrift shop find. Does this package really have 155,000 games on it? Keep watching this video... Here's something interesting: ClearClick Audio2USB cable (The simple way to turn Analog audio into Digital)
  2. Submitted for your approval, an answer to a question about "Techmoan's record speed war." What did those 1930's RCA Victor records sound like? Were these early vinyl disks as easily destroyed as alleged by rivals? "VWestlife" has a 1931 RCA Victor disk (Was $50, sold for $30) that will set the record straight on this alternative to the "maximum of five minutes" 78 RPM platters of the day. If you think that 78 RPM is/was mind-blowing-fast, take a look at the speed champ, a 1905 Pathe 120 RPM record!: Vive La France!
  3. "Techmoan" hasn't posted a new/interesting video about decrepit, er, forgotten tech, so here's a look at the notorious Crosley Cruiser, reviled across the Interweb as the "four plays and it's destroyed!" portable record player. The American "seeker of overlooked tech," the equally famous "VWestlife," takes an in-depth look at ths "modern Fisher-Price record player." Is this a "groove lathe," spitting out vinyl shavings and turning "vintage/rare records" into "skeet targets"? Proceed at your own risk, you have nothing to lose but your "Audiophile" standing in the LP world...
  4. "Techmoan" hasn't seen fit to post a video about audio/video foibles, so here's his sometime-U.S.A collaborator. Here is a public service announcement from "VWestlife" on goofy/strange/wrong RCA cords. I'm not sure if I have a problem of this kind, but Murphy's Law applies everywhere.;)
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