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Found 5 results

  1. Otokichi


    It's early July and time to hit the road, either to the beach, mountains, or Summer camp. Submitted for your approval, the scariest "road picture" that ever popped up on 1970's TV directed by some "Spielberg" dude. This heavy metal/road rage tale registered with me because this family of school teachers drove Mopars, specicially. Plymouth Valiants! I always wondered why the service station guy ignored the huge diesel tanks on the truck and focused on a mere domestic sedan. If that happened to me back then, I'd have driven off to another service station up or down the line. Get everything on th
  2. Submitted for your approval, a girl writes to a 19th Century newspaper editor, and gets an unexpected answer that surprises everyone. "When the facts get in the way of The Legend, print The Legend." (Or words to that effect.;)
  3. Here's yet another reminder of how good/great "TV movies" used to be. (SyFy channel, lay off the "Sharknado" garbage!) Out here in the North Pacific, the Cuban Missile Crisis was a newspaper or 1-week-delayed TV story. But an old college classmate who lived in The Bronx at the time described the city of New York as "Fear City." (Now it's our turn, along with Guam, and Alaska, as Kim Jong Un is threatening to send "a hail of missiles" at the U.S.) Even in 1974, there were no guarantees that anyone would "live long and prosper."
  4. I've been Watching CBS' "Salvation" to see how an "Extinction Level Event" is handled by official Washington D.C. The latest wrinkle reminded me of this 1973 TV movie about what happens when the #2 man is a "babe in the woods" advised by Machiavellian plotters. "Salvation" on CBS: Where is "President John Beck?"
  5. A question about the name of the submarine used in the 1959 movie, "On The Beach" led to a Google! search and YouTube. Here is the "updated to Y2K" Australian TV movie that is supposed to be closer to Nevil Shute's book than Stanley Kramer's 1959 vision. With things heating up in Australia's "Near North," let's follow the last American navy crew on liberty in "last chance Australia."
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