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Found 4 results

  1. "Nazi Germany" and "Jazz" seem to be an unlikely combination, since Jazz was considered "Jungle Music" played by "African untermenschen." However, Astrid and Indy have a surprise for you! A Jazz band was formed to broadcast Pop music to undermine the morale of Allied/U.S. soldiers. Press PLAY to find out more about "weaponized degenerate music."
  2. World War II in real time at Time Ghost is SUCH a serious thing. But then, between narration errors, "why is this word spelled this but pronounced this way?" tiffs, we end with Himmler's odd quote. Press PLAY if you're sitting down, no drinks or snacks to fling, and you're in need of some humor in your life...
  3. And now for something completely different. Indiana Neidell and Spartacus Olsson lift the multi-colored Time Ghost curtain for a look at the chaos, hubris, and work that took viewers through the five hours of "Paearl Harbor: Minute By Minute." So, how do you create a "Hawaii in 1941" ambience in a Northern European location? Embrace the chaos of video production as a talented crew "does History.";)
  4. Submitted for your disapproval, a mad scenario of epic nuclear devastation by the Time Ghost history team on YouTube. Aside from turning Paris into a smoking crater, take a look at Nukemap and see what various sizes of nuclear bombs would do to your city/town/region. I "dropped" a 1 Megaton Nuke on/over Ford Island at Pearl Harbor and witnessed the end of Honolulu in a flash. Since I live some miles from Honolulu, the book, "Alas Babylon" came to mind.
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