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Found 125 results

  1. "Techmoan" is just full of surprises. Submitted for your approval, a 2019 MiniDisc recording! Yes, it's time for another "blast from the past," the magneto/optical recording system that I saw locked up in a glass case and priced at "Apple Macintosh" levels in the 1990s. (I plodded along with compact cassettes until CD-Rs came along with MP3s and iPods just over the horizon.) This "video short" makes me want to look into this technology out of curiousity, since blank MiniDiscs and new recorders can still be found in Japan. So, Captain Ahab, is it time to "hunt for Moby Dick"?;)
  2. Digital Radio was announced...then disappeared in the U.S. Out here in the North Pacific, analog AM and FM radio continues to pollute, er broadcast what ever Corporate Radio deems important. (I can't remember the last time I tuned in a radio station. The last power outage? That's it!) Presented for your approval, "Techmoan" went shopping for an up-to-date Radio/CD player combo, and found a fork in the road. You will find out something/more than you ever wanted to know about Digital Audio Broadcasting in the UK. Long story short, the (somewhat) pricey Radio/CD player combo was a hit. (Sorry, no puppets.)
  3. "Techmoan" sees the light! It's the end of the CFL-and-tripod-light-stands at the Techmoan video cave, and the beginning of the LED age. For those "Oxford=Scientific-film-wannabes," here's how Great Britain's obsolete tech boffin examines sticky rubber belts and smoking/burning "Mission Impossible" (TV) props. I've often wondered what kind of a rat's nest is needed to show the innards of, say, an off brand Boom Box, and here it is in living LED light. Now do a video of grandpa's old Edison cylinder phonograph playing John Philip Sousa and The U.S. Marine Band doing "The Liberty Bell.";)
  4. Good morning, the ubiquitous YouTube videographer, "Techmoan" has struck again! Using his spider skills across the Internet, the British man of gadgetry has unearthed another real world tape recorder that "Mr. Briggs" and "Mr. Phelps" used for "Impossible Missions Force" briefings. The arch explainer has threatened YouTube users with insomnia, featuring this latest tale of defunct Japanese tech. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to glean information to bring this amateur thespian accolades enough for yet another "IMF Tech" segment on YouTube. Good luck, Fishies. Should any members of your SongFacts team by caught or killed, The Secretary will take an early coffee break, put everyone on "Hold," and say: "What, Me Worry?" while displaying monumental indifference.
  5. It's 1980, and your at-home stereo headphones won't stay in place as you go about Jogging, walking the dog, or mowing the lawn. What to do? There's an answer to this problem, the wonderful "Bone Fone." which channels radio through your body instead of speakers. "Techmoan" takes a look at the "bone conduction" AM/FM radio appliance for the young and mobile. Can this over-the-shoulder-and-around-the-neck audio device live up to the brochure's many claims ?
  6. You were a "gotta sit in front of the speakers to get the complete music experience" at concerts last century. Now you're "deaf as Peter Townsend" but still like to "experience the music." Rather than upset a bus load of riders with Kirk Thatcher's "I Hate You" with the "volume at 11," "Techmoan" has a non-invasive solution to "EH?" syndrome. Stick one of these "bone conducting headphones" and you could listen to Twisted Sister or Megadeth while everybody else is taking in "Lucia di Lammermore.";)
  7. It's 2019, and it's not safe to wander the streets yet. "Techmoan" has just the answer for people rusticated by weather, circumstance, or the after effects of new year revelers: 3000 vidoe games at your fingertips! (That includes copyrighted games from major video game producers, too.) Set your browser on "seek" and Amazon will deliver a boat load of illegal intellectual property in the form of ROMs. This tiny console that can be hooked up to your state-of-the-art TV complete with the proper 4:3 display ratio in "senior citizen fuzzy" resolution for true nostalgia geeks. Have at it, if you don't have a post-celebration hangover...if the console works.;)
  8. Region codes have been a problem for DVD and Blu-Ray movie fans since day one. Seeking an "all region" DVD player got around the original 7 region blocks. Blu-Ray currently divides the world into 3 regions, which "Techmoan" found messed up his search for obscure movies from other regions. The hardware approach was a permanent solution for the run-of-the-mill DVD player. But there was a "hidden menu" solution for the deluxe Blu-Ray player.. Bonus: "The Moan Family Puppets" are back!;)
  9. Can the "King of Electronic Oddities" put together a "budget HiFi" system of the usual Amp/Tape Deck/LP Player/Speakers? This is part one of The Great Cheap, er, Inexpensive Electronic Tech eBay Hunt. How will this expedition into the wilds of Cyberspace go? Stay tuned for (ir)regular updates on this quest for The Holy Goose.;) Part 2: Speakers! Part 3: LP Player! Part 4: CD Player! (And a summing up of "The Great Budget HiFi eBay Search.)
  10. It's Christmas time in the mid-1970s, and The man/woman/significant other who has everything is a tough nut to crack. Fear not, "Techmoan," the "Dr. Who of YouTube" has The Answer! For nearly a Prince's ransom, you can make that person's tax time memorable with a CalcuPen! It Calculates! It Writes! It has an LED display! It even has somewhat-hard-to-find batteries! (This vlog even has "Techmoan Family" puppets!) Find one on eBay today!
  11. Have you got a baby genius who goes through toys like Garfield goes through Lasagna? Fear not, in 1985 there appeared a figure with glowing eyes that would take your messages and play them back for an unsuspecting world. It's amazing what "Techmoan" finds on these Japanese websites, though they aren't guaranteed to work "out of the box."
  12. "Good morning/afternoon/evening, Mr. Briggs/Mr. Phelps, a foreign spy agency has compromised a music discussion website and turned it into a "Spam Zombie." Your mission, if you choose to accept it is to identify and neutralize the agency and to prevent the invasion of other websites. As usual, if any member of your Impoosible Missions Force is caught or killed, The Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions. This recording will self-destruct by the time Tom Cruise puts his shirt back on. Good luck, Dan/Jim." And now, select your team from your IMF dossiers and brief them on The Plan. Get a "GAZ" or "Elektrik" van over the border to serve as a mobile base and getaway vehicle. Be quick, before Tom Cruise and his team report for work at the Sergei Eisenstein film academy!
  13. So you've got an "out-in-th-boonies" workshop/gardening shack and you'd like to stay in contact with the "Noble house"/ Fear not, "Techmoan" has a retro solution to gladden the heart of any Steampunk Hipster or ex-military person who's cell phone has a dodgy battery. Why would you want "to be wired" in the wireless age of cell phone? "Techmoan" thinks it would be fun; imagine re-enacting scenes from TV's "Combat" series of the 1960's. ("Checkmate King Two to White Rook, is the beer cold yet? White Rook to King Two, it's frosty, but your buddies are drinking it up at the CP, Over. King Two to White Rook, tell those layabouts to save one for me! I'm returning to the CP toot suite!")
  14. So you wanna play your "Mantovani Plays Van Halen" on the bus to tweak off Punks? The Sound Burger is too expensive, you say? Fear not, "Techmoan" to the rescue: a cheap, er "inexpensive" portable turntable from 1990's Japan! It even has a see-though case so you can ogle/show off your low tech innards. It runs off as many "D" cells as that annoying Punk's Ghettoblaster, and has a "vertical play/hang it up on a wall" adapter. How does it sound? Glad you asked...say, "The Moan Family Puppets" are back with their take on ASMR.. Yessir, get your affordable "beach baby" portable turntable at semi-reputable Interweb merchants and blast the bus!;) A short ASMR video...
  15. Have you lost your 128MB SD card? Want something that has much more capacity? Fear not, the mighty 500MB DataPlay disc is here! "Techmoan" presents another data storage device that lost out to the rapidly increasing depth of Ye Olde SD card. It's almost the right size for "Cherry 2000," that 1980's "companion doll" featured in the 1987 movie of the same name. Like MiniDisc, this tiny wonder disc was a caddy-borne data device, which I've never heard of, either.
  16. Here is a "Techmoan" post of Great and Interesting Importance!;) Is your Compact Cassette of "Three Dog Night's Greatest Hits" randomly spooling out of the case? Did that perfidious record company put your favorite track at the end of Side One? Fear not, dig up a Bic Stick and have at it. Wot's dis? The current generation of "Steampunks" think a pencil will do? Such ignorant children; lead them to the Bic!
  17. Are you a would-be dictator hankering to take over the world? "Techmoan" has the right holiday gift for you, "Adenoid Hynkel"! MOVA will now put the world on your desk, spinning inside a cube as you plan where "Ptomania" will seek lebenstraum first. In keeping with the premium price, there are several versions available to keep "pocket napoleons" happy for years.;)
  18. Step right up, folks, you have only one neck to sacrifice on the altar of (sorta) High Fidelity music! It's "Techmoan" again, with "whiplash collar" noisemakers that will earn you the ire of people nearby. (Yes, these "I Hate You!" sound radiators will take you back to the "Ghetto Blaster" days toot suite.;) Do any of these things work as advertised? Only "Techmoan" knows for sure...
  19. Hello again, Steam Punkers! If you've got some custom video or music lying around that's "all you," here's proof that analog immortality can be yours. Yessir, even old sour grapes Thomas Edison would be thrilled to be immortalized in such a way. Let The Future see you in 45 RPM just before Old Sol turns into a red giant and wipes all trace of Terra's Homo sapiens away.;)
  20. I see that the new "Doctor Who" has arrived and she's shaken up the TARDIS freaks no end. With that in mind, here's "Techmoan" with a Steam Punker's Hip New Thing: sound and video from a 45 RPM vinyl record! Yep, you can be the first "Steam Boy" to have something that plays audio and video at will, without switching to another device. Don't be too put off by the "Eadward Muybridge"-level video, be amazed that the package delivers at all! (Sorry, no puppets.)
  21. Submitted for your approval, a brand new QSL Quadraphonic LP! Techmoan's Internet connections have scored a made-in-USA Suzanne Ciani vinyl record for those who like "front to back" sound. The hardware is quite interesting, and the audio will take you back to 1990's New Age instrumental music featured on VH-1's "New Visions" TV show. An added bonus, The Moan Family puppets are on hand, talking about "Quad in the Automobile!;)
  22. Submitted for your approval, Philips' VCR and Video 2000 systems that took on Beta and VHS in Europe. Once again, "Techmoan" presents an obscure/unsung technology. Philips aimed for the PAL system video European market, while Sony and Matsushita aimed at the world. So, did the superior video format lose to the VHS mass market giant, or was this doomed by the parochial aim of the manufacturer?
  23. Gather around, Hipsters! Yeah, you "Holga and Diana photographers," too. It's Nostalgia Night for "Techmoan," as he tries out 35mm film. "Film"? You say? That's the stuff folks used to use for their holiday snaps in the 20th century. This is a look back at Black & White film, as Fujifilm continues to discontinue "low profit" products killed off by Smart Phones and the disappearing line of "snapshot digital cameras." Goodbye Neopan Acros 100, now where's that Leica IIIa?;)
  24. Submitted for your approval, a "workable solution for scattering surround sound speakers around the listening room." Here's something wild from the otherwise rational German headphone maker, Sennheiser to keep your neighbors from pounding on the walls because your speaker array was too loud. Two major pieces of equipment could be purchased separately, but there are also two problems with this "solution in search of a problem.";)
  25. Submitted for your approval, a 1980's Sony "compnent Boom Box"! This 15Kg (fully assembled) super bricks series did have a carrying handle, but only "Ahnold" could hoist it/carry it around on his shoulder. This is the first in planned series on "Boom Boxes/ Ghetto Blaster" radio/tape/EQ/phonograph all-in-ones. My old Fisher unit is more basic (no autoreverse tape p;layer) and plastic to boot, but it did the job back in the day. Did you own (or wishe you could own) such an "eater of batteries" radio/tape unit?
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