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  1. Got some "ankle biters" hankering to use the SmartPhone to play music? Yoto to the rescue! "Techmoan," being a "12 plus" kid, takes an in-depth look at Yoto's "my first music player." Press PLAY if you want to know how versatile this "child's toy" really is and what it can pull off The Cloud!;)
  2. Hey there Creighton, do you want something that will impress visitors to your digs? Get out some serious cash for the Bang & Olufsen Beosound 3200. Techmoan got the CD playing unit and found some powered speakers, thinking it was time to see what this "Rich Hippie/Calvin Fischoeder"-level was like. Press PLAY to find out how Denmark confused normal people with their strange user interface.;) ("Bang & Olufsen"? Never heard of it!)
  3. OK, you're the rejuvenated macabre movie villain, Dr. Phibes. It's the 21st century and clockwork orchestras are so "last century," so what is Vincent Price to do? Found on a Japanese website, "Techmoan" explores an "animated/robot band" that plays over 20 Jazz-inflected tunes. Press PLAY to find out how entertaining this "sound and motion" thing is.;)
  4. Here's a mystery package for "Techmoan" to ponder. An commercial passenger aircraft in-flight entertainment system. Open it up, and there are Compact Cassette tapes! Press PLAY to find out more about the company that made it, the airline that used it, and what's on the tapes!;)
  5. "Techmoan" wanted a state-of-the-art late night movie audio experience. However, "your mileage may vary" is the key phrase for this expen$ive "Bluetooth Speaker system." Press PLAY if you want to find out how an over $300 speaker system is as good as $60 stereo headphones.
  6. Well, the idiots "dropped the big one" and the apocalypse has arrived. What do you do for music if your guitar is now feeding a campfire? Techmoan has the answer: Crank It Up...continuously. Press PLAY if you want to know how to hear Freddie Mercury "off the grid.";)
  7. There are Boomboxes, then there's the biggest, heaviest Boombox of all. "Techmoan" has found the last "bits and bobs" that connect to this AC-only sorta luggable audio package. Press PLAY if you want to find out what constitutes "the whole package...
  8. It's the 1990's and Philips has something revolutionary to show Compact Cassette fans: Lyrics! Matt's copy of the BeeGees' "Size Isn't Everything" Digital Compact Cassette displays song lyrics for fans of Karaoke! Press PLAY to see if you can sing along as the DCC lyrics scroll by...your name is "Superman," right?;)
  9. There are Bluetooth speakers and there are stereo speaker pairs. "Techmoan" has found an exception to that observation with TWO Bluetooth speakers. First off, these are 250 Pounds Sterling EACH. (Matt bought a "lightly used" one on eBay.) Second, Bluetooth "pairing" is the least of your worries. Press PLAY to find out why "Techmoan" likes these as a pair.;)
  10. How small can a record player get and still sound "good"? I looked up the Mighty Tiny mini record player, but more on that later. "Techmoan" saw the "creepy ad" for the Mighty Tiny and looked for one with mini records. He got one that wasn't working, so this is a "back from the dead" video. Press PLAY to see/hear if Matt succeeded in repairing the Mighty Tiny. 1967 Ohio Arts Mighty Tiny mini record player
  11. Got a mountain of 8 Track cartridges? Want to play them anywhere but the car and your home system? "Techmoan" has something for you! But first, some repairs are needed to get this weighty 8 Track "Boombox" working. Press PLAY to find out if Matt can repair this dodgy 8 Track cartridge player...
  12. For people who like visual music displays but have problems with the LP jacket or CD case, "Techmoan" has a solution for you! Press PLAY to "get the flash" in your music...
  13. It's "back to the future" time again, with "Techmoan." Return to the mid-1980's in Japan, where 3D is about to take the video market by storm as The Next Big Thing! But it wasn't, either in Japan or the rest of the world, since this was sub-Laserdisc video quality. Nevertheless, 3D fan "Techmoan" will take you there as he looks at what/how this CD-pickup system worked and why it failed, only to be revived in the DVD era, for a while. Ready, Set, Go! if you don't mind a few glitches, in the darkest room in your place...;)
  14. If/when your local TV station has a "the Flipster has been fried!" moment, what did they play while engineers solved the problem? The "Techmoan" Mood Music Channel presents: "Music to cover TV breakdowns." Press PLAY to "Lemons and Oranges" from the BBC.;)
  15. Do you remember music CDs? "Techmoan" does, and wondered if stand alone music CD players are still being produced. The next question was, could a video game console or "modern computer" still play music CDs? Press PLAY to find out if your should be looking for a PS3 or original XBox. Then there's album artwork, which is scarce, even for Gracenote.
  16. "Techmoan" has "left the past behind" and arrived in the 21st century. Press PLAY to see what Matt found in this "modern media consumption system."
  17. It's time for the "Techmoan Show" again, with Matt the Bodger taking on a more modern Aiwa Micro System 22 unit imported from Japan, "with issues." Press PLAY to find out if Matt can fix the MiniDisc eater.;)
  18. "Techmoan" has announced "Mini May,' where he will be showing Mini systems that "were swept away by streaming." ("Stream"? Why would I do that? These "streaming services" usually don't have what I want to listen to or don't know about, say, Gabby Pahinui, The Peter Moon Band, Ceclio & Kapono, Olomana, or Pure Heart.;) What kind of value is in these "poor man's hifi" systems? Press PLAY to find out about the 1979-1982 era of desktop hifi.
  19. Have a hankering to listen to music from Kenya? "There's Internet Radio for that," say Tech nerds. Matt looked around and found the CityRadio for sale in Italy. Press PLAY to find out if this is an easy way to hear music from, say, Havana or Tokyo "like you live there."
  20. Got some of grandpa's 78 RPM records in the house? Did you ever want to play them on a modern turntable instead of the acoustic Victrola? Fear not, "Techmoan' has a tutorial on some of what's different between "microgroove 1 mil" LPs and larger/wider "3 mil" styli used on, say, early Elvis Presley records. Press PLAY if you want to find out what Matt had to do for a few seconds of Elvis Aaron Presley.;)
  21. How do you make a captive audience, standing in line, what kind of extra services you have available? Labelle came up with the Commpak sound+slide show package that "Techmoan" saw at his post office in the 1990's. Press PLAY to see and hear the devilish offspring of Lear Jet audio and a slide projector.
  22. Hidden in Agent TCMN's storage locker, something any Bond villain would like to get his hands on! "Techmoan" found this briefcase music system and pulled it out into the light of day to see if it still works. Press PLAY to see what M would have made for Agent 007 if he had to pose as a deejay...;)
  23. 'Ello 'Ello, everybody, is your backyard visited by wildlife when you're not looking? Do you want proof that the "Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker" frequents your neighborhood? Say no more, here at CrowdFund Inc., we have a bird feeder that will make a still and video of avian visitors. "Techmoan" bit, and had to wait a bit longer than he expected for a WiFi/SmartPhone kit that keeps an eye out for "the blue bird of happiness." Does this thing work better than the usual Trail Camera? Press PLAY to see what lurks in Matt's small garden...
  24. National/Panasonic saw Sony's Walkman as The Thing to Beat back in the day. "Techmoan" has found a non-working unit and applies his experienced-but-not-expert hands to "hear the music" again. Press PLAY to find out if Matt succeeds in his quest, and ponder National's build philosophy...
  25. It's just past the turn of the century and a sleazy-looking tech rep sidles up to your nascent band, "Shouting Punkz!" He asks if you'd like to send out a VHS single to your fans and "interested parties." You and your band mates haul out your dad's dodgy Camcorder and "make a demo video" that becomes a V-Lite tape. "Techmoan" takes a look at this nearly-all-plastic video sub-genre with an early 2000 A&E promotional video aimed at high school drama students. Press PLAY to find out if it does, and what it's made of in glorious NTSC video!;)
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