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  1. I recall seeing and hearing about "great deal all-in-one" music systems, but I preferred separates of known quality. (I did buy a Fisher AM/FM Cassette "boomlet," which sounded OK for casual me much later on.) "Techmoan" reveals a mistake from his youth and takes us on a tour of a sub-par "music system." Press PLAY to find out if anything still works...;)
  2. Were you a "Pinball Wizard" in your little town? Do you crave the thrill of "flipping the silver ball" but don't have the room in your "8 mat dwelling" for such a huge beast? Fear not, "Techmoan" has found a way to scratch that itch. Press PLAY to find out how to be a "Bally Table King" once again in limited spaces.;)
  3. Audiophiles are the strangest people on the planet. "Techmoan" takes a look at a "dawn of Stereo-like" Bluetooth headphone that has VU meters on the SIDE of the "Cans." Press PLAY to find out if these pricey ($300+) somewhat offbrand headphones are for you or that "got everything golden ear" on your Christmas gift list.;)
  4. Do your vinyl LPs sound like they were recorded at a pistol shooting match? (Sorry, Ian McCollum.;) Does you low end sound like Wehrmacht trucks are invading your space? Fear not, Pro-Ject will reduce this kind of audio interference by 8dB! "Techmoan," unable to score a 1,000 Pound Sterling SweetVinyl "SugarCube" LP surface noise reducer, gave the Box S3 a spin. Press PLAY to hear if their claims are sound or "just advertising noise."
  5. Say, Buster Brown, how's that SmartPhone's stellar video? Makes you a Fellini-on-the-prowl, eh? "Techmoan," just after the turn of the century, began his "pocket-size Camcorder" odyssey with a JVC GR-DVJ70 that used MiniDV cassettes. Then, on a shopping trip, he found the Sony DCR-1P1E on sale at 50% off. With 500 Pounds Sterling less in his wallet, he began a "trip down the rabbit hole" with a smaller, more sophisticated MiniDV. Press PLAY to find out about a short-lived (2001-2003) video format, if you dare...
  6. Which 3.5mm jack should you use for your extra fancy Earbuds? Can't find the Headphone jack? There's a Line Out jack, so can I use that, instead? "Techmoan" takes on this 3.5mm jack problem with a discussion on what is which and why Line Out isn't where you plug in your Skull Candy headphones. Press PLAY to be enlightened...
  7. "Techmoan" asked: What is "The Lyte"? The "next big thing" in 1987, this "spinny music spectrum display," joins Matt's collection of audio-visual oddities. How does it work? What does it look like in action? Press PLAY to find out. Note: A similar "music spectrum display" was available via Radio Shack until 1994 for less than the original's $80 price.
  8. Psst! Wanna play your "Woodstock" LPs at Bethany, New York for that "you are there" feeling? "Techmoan" has a limited edition/60th anniversary Audio Technica Sound Burger! What is in this "Whiskey bottle"-sized box that Matt scored? Press PLAY to find out...;)
  9. Does your CD suffer from "magnetization issues"? "Techmoan" takes on this howler of a "problem with CDs" with a healthy dose of WTF? So, do YOUR music CDs suffer playback degradation because they get "magnetized"? Press PLAY to find out about this "Audiophile Problem.";)
  10. It's 1981, and grandpa wants to play his LP collection at "Geezers on the Beach." Can you load some of the home HiFi equipment into the Woodie so gramps can play Billie Holiday? Fear not, "Techmoan," stepping pout of the Wayback machine will get Your Hit Parade tunes warbling across the beach. Press PLAY to see what it takes to "replace the belts" on this monster, break-your-shoulder, LP Boombox!
  11. Step right up folks, have I got something amazing for you to see and hear! "Techmoan" saw this CD/DVD audio/video corrector and wondered if this 2003 tech really works. This $500 CD/DVD shaver was aimed at the Audiophile set, since it "corrects Laser errors to reveal/enhance the listening/viewing experience." Does this 36 degree edge shaver do as claimed, once the disc edge is "optically sealed" with a black marking pen? Press PLAY to find out if this machine changes your audiovisual world!
  12. Are you still using Ye Olde Walkman instead of "steaming content"? Is the price/quality of new cassettes both too high and too low? How about combing eBay for used cassettes and erasing them? "Techmoan" looks at three ways to banish Tiny Tim's "Tiptoe Through The Tulips" to oblivion to record, say, a bootleg live recording of Twisted Sister. The units are: Sony BE-9H single pass eraser, Radio Shack Bulk Eraser (tan case), Sony BE-A200 (One side at a time), and the permament magnet found on today's cassette recorders. Which one "restores the silence" and which one "leaves a ghost"? Press PLAY and see "Techmoan" fail to RTFM...
  13. It's the 1970's and 8 Track cartridge systems are all the rage. In the U.S., The Panasonic RQ-830, AKA "TNT" is a hot item among the Tweens/Teens. In Japan, the TNT is sold as the RQ-8. "Techmoan" takes a look at this endless loop cartridge tech and notes that this format led to Karaoke, which is why he could find "new old stock" at Japanese tech auction sites. What else did the UK's tech boffin find out about National's portable 8 track player? Press PLAY to hear a very slow version of Bill Conti's "Rocky" theme...
  14. Do you remember radio station promotion spots when human disk jockeys still played records? "Techmoan" has gotten a set of NAB Radio Victory promo cartridges via the mail. It's the 1970's and deejay Kenny Everett was active in radio and audio production, while running afoul of staid BBC radio managers. So, how does this "wild and crazy guy" from "Techmoan's" misspent youth sound like? Press PLAY if you hanker for "WKRP in Cincinnati" radio vibes...
  15. Matt has need of a properly working 8 Track background music machine. It doesn't work very well, so "Techmoan" is off on a Clean, Lubricate, Adjust chore to bring this U.S. spec. player up to snuff. Will our intrepid Junk, er, classic electronics collector get this five 8 Track player to "do Phil Collins" or "Queen"? Press PLAY to see/hear this pilgrim's progress.;)
  16. "Techmoan" has been hunting for Philips Background Music cartridges and came across one that wouldn't play. Taking it apart, mold has stuck layers of tape together, gumming up the works. Is there something on the tape worth salvaging? Press PLAY to find out what and how Matt made it "open reel ready." Can you name any of the ten mono tunes on this tape?;)
  17. Hey there, Skippy, it's been a while since I could access the Songfacts Forum without the Norton Utilities warning about "Suspect Site! Do Not Access! You Have Been Warned!" messages. So, to keep things light, "Techmoan" looks at a set of "can use AA cell for 30+ hours playing time" Sony Walkmans of the late 20th/early 21st century. What works for Matt? Press PLAY to find out. (Warning: 30+ minutes of video!;)
  18. Wind it up and things go FUBAR. "Techmoan" had a problem with his Edison Cylinder Phonograph as his last video was nearly "in the can." A one-hundred-year-old metal bolt turned into "soft metal" and sheared off under double spring pressure. Matt dug out an unused screw extraction kit and "had at it." Did this hack work? Press PLAY to find out...
  19. Hey there Jethro, got a pile of dirty dishes or a greasy broiling rack to clean? Tired of using way too much water and special cleansers/scrubbers? "Techmoan" has found something interesting. It started off as a crowd-funded item at $150 and is now available for the general public at $300. Press PLAY to see if it performs for Matt...
  20. Hello Classic Music lovers, Professor Matt here with the latest Edison Cylinder recording of the modern era. Yessir, no bothering with "black flapjacks" or "shiny discs," this here is an early 20th century man's format! The Wizard of Menlo Park is no slouch to that Berliner upstart, since you can buy or make 4 MINUTE recordings. Just in via Imperial Post is a 4 minute cylinder from Nameless Dreamers with TWO songs! By cracky, there's still some life left in tactile wax cylinders instead of those soulless "electrical or digital recordings." Press PLAY to hear a 2020 artist on 1906 tech... Technmoan's theme, aka "Cuba Baion" remastered. Where it all began: March 15, 2010: The Nixie Watch
  21. What does a doting relative get for a pre-school kid that won't be destroyed or is too complex to use? "Techmoan" has an answer for the Ankle-Biter in your orbit/life. Get ready for another "set up via SmarPhone" Cloud thing that will keep your designated Rugrat out of your hair for up to 90 minutes. Tonies are a German thing, running a WiFi cube receiving server-based audio content triggered by an RFID chipped character. Got something to say? There's a Creative character to set up and send messages to young or the not-too-old. Press PLAY to connect to Peter Rabbit or "Grandpa Matt.";)
  22. Have you "lost your keys/cards/telephone/automobile" more than usual? Can you remember your Middle School crush but not the last conversation with your significant other? Get on over to the UK, where there's something simple for you, Mr. Simon. What benefits does this UK FM/DAB radio have for "forgetful Smith"? Press PLAY for something that works in Fish & Chips land...
  23. Howdy Pardner, fancy yourself a Poker Jedi? Step right up and get ready to "play your hand." Via Yahoo! Japan. "Techmoan" has imported into the UK a handheld/modular/battery-or-AC gambling machine! What will Matt find as he pushes buttons, seats the Poker cartridge, uses "mystery keys," and plays with "electronic money"? Press PLAY to place your bet...
  24. So, your SpexArt SA-2001 media player doesn't work? Just look up a YouTube repair video or find the technical manual and set upon it with "tools of mass destruction"? Matt, the UK's premier electronics Boffin, AKA "Techmoan," tinkered with his Sony Super Audio CD Player SCD-X501 because it took "a good 20 seconds" to detect a music CD and stumbled over SCD/CD Hybrid discs. Press PLAY to see what happened...
  25. Your new earbuds have a hole in it!? What's going on with Sony? "Techmoan" looks (and listens) to LinkBuds in a "sponsored ad" and finds...now that's a Spoiler! Press PLAY to continue, holes and all...;)
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