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  1. It's early Saturday in 1970's Japan, and you're gonna record TV audio on the Sony VT-M5 in your component stack. "Techmoan" in 2024 wonders what he can do besides just recording mono TV audio. Press PLAY if you want to follow Matt's "down the rabbit hole" to see if a Japan domestic TV tuner can display modern video signals! (Otherwise, TV audio looks like vertical squiggly lines on the CRT.;)
  2. Do you want your music/movies/games to "rock your world" like living inside a Bass drum? "Techmoan" looks at a heavy duty bass vibrator that "Kaylee Frye" might own. Press PLAY for other uses for this thing that runs on batteries...;)
  3. Do you have a Sony Walkman player that only lets you use the radio? Fear not. "Techmoan" goes where modern repairmen won't go to replace gummed up drive belts. Press PLAY to find out if Matt can get this old Walkman to play a tape!
  4. Most Sony Sports audio players came in yellow, right? Not so, says "Techmoan," the Sports players of the 2000s were "white goods." Press PLAY to find out about these lesser known "turn of the century" Sony Spotrs units.
  5. Kickstarter programs seen on the internet have a "silicon snake oil" air about them, promising much and sometimes delivering, but often not. Matt signed on as a Backer for Miniot's Wheel in 2017, waited...and waited, wondering what had happened. Press PLAY if you want to find out what Techmoan's over-2,000 UK Pounds got him, if you dare.;)
  6. Do you watch Blu-Ray movies late at night and want to hear every sonic nuance? The neighbors will lynch you if you do? "Techmoan" had that problem, so Old Tech came to his rescue. Press PLAY if you want to find out how much of a sound bubble Techmoan got and if there's any modern solution to the "torture the house cat" problem.
  7. It's 1982 and it's Spring Break or just before Summer and you want to "play your own kind of music," how do you do that? Techmoan to the rescue, with a Sony cassette player that spreads "the music all around." Press PLAY if you want to be exposed to Matt's portable Karaoke machine! As usual, the secretary is out to lunch and doesn't know anything about your shenanigans...;)
  8. After ten years, the tale can be told. "Techmoan" presents Part Three of "the tape recorders of 'Mission: Impossible"! Press PLAY if you want to find out more about the Concord F-20 reel-to-reel tape recorder that appeared from 1966-1972. This recording will self-destruct in 10 seconds because The Secretary is on her lunch break...;)
  9. Are you a fan of bird calls? No? Techmoan has something that will pique your disinterest. In an nondescript box, he found a set of 1970 recordings for bird brains. Is Techmona doing it right? Press PLAY to find out about 1970 Audible Audubon recordings that will tantalize your cat!
  10. Those "Chatty Kathy" dolls had a tiny record and playback mechanism inside, back in the first half of the 20th century. "Techmoan" has accepted his current Mission: Impossible, to get these tiny records to play on a 1970's Action Man Field Radio player. Press PLAY to find out what secret messages are to be found on "Chatty Kathy"! As usual, if "Techmoan" is caught or killed during his mission, The Secretary will disavow any knowledge of such activity...
  11. It's Saturday morning, time for another "Techmoan" Tech video. Did you ever hear about "MQA-CD"? Me neither, by that time, in the early 2000s, music CD sales were about to take a death dive. "Media streaming services" offered EVERYTHING recorded "at any time/all the time" without the "clutter of physical media." Back in 2018, "Techmoan" looked at MQA-CD and found that the decoders and players were only available at "Audiophile Prices" (Thousands of Pounds Sterling, of course.;) Recordings of this latest "better than regular CD" format were available only in Japan. Flash forward to today, hardware and music CD prices have flattened out, but the format appears to have "only historical interest." Press PLAY to find out about the "tempest in a teacup" Internet battle for tech information and sound comparisons...if you dare...
  12. Submitted for your entertainment, UK Post Office slide show+audio from the 1980's! In a dramatic first, "Techmoan" had fewer-than-usual problems getting this imported-from-Germany unit to work. Press PLAY to see what your loose change would get you at the Post Office...
  13. Matt found this modern background music player set in 2022, but put it aside, since it might require a subscription to operate. It's now 2024, and "Techmoan" decides to power up the little box. Does the music play in random order over time? Press PLAY to find out what Imagesound put on the 16GB SD card.
  14. Submitted for your amusement, the last Tefifon, the Model KC4. What will "Techmoan" find in this very well packed box of wonder? Press PLAY if you don't mind hearing a Stereo playback machine "do Mono.";)
  15. What's worse than Christmas Muzak at the mall? According to Techmoan, Karaoke videos. Once some necessary repairs are complete on this old piece of tech, Matt will sing Christmas songs. Press PLAY if you dare to endure a Christmas Karaoke aural assault.;)
  16. "Techmoan" found a late 1980's Graphic Equalizer/Spectrum Analyzer to fine tune his audio system. However, he ran into the "hidden system battery" that can gum up the works if it isn't changed regularly. Press PLAY if you want to find out how/what Matt did to get the beast to remember custom settings. Audiophiles beware, your feelings will be hurt!;)
  17. "Good morning, Techmoan, the unit you see before you has a time bomb in it! Get your tools out and defuse it immediately, so it can be a prop in the 2023 movie, "The Creator." Should you be blown up by this MiniDisc recorder, the Secretary will be ROTFLMAO." Press PLAY if you want to find out what Sony forgot to mention and what Matt found inside...
  18. Hello there, you early-adopter-of-tech, how's your 1980 Sony TTPS-L2 holding up? Still playing Compact Cassette mix tapes from your youth? Great, "Techmoan" has something "designed from the ground up" as a music player, the Walkman II! Press PLAY to find out how Sony made it smaller and better...if you dare!;)
  19. Got some "ankle biters" hankering to use the SmartPhone to play music? Yoto to the rescue! "Techmoan," being a "12 plus" kid, takes an in-depth look at Yoto's "my first music player." Press PLAY if you want to know how versatile this "child's toy" really is and what it can pull off The Cloud!;)
  20. Hey there Creighton, do you want something that will impress visitors to your digs? Get out some serious cash for the Bang & Olufsen Beosound 3200. Techmoan got the CD playing unit and found some powered speakers, thinking it was time to see what this "Rich Hippie/Calvin Fischoeder"-level was like. Press PLAY to find out how Denmark confused normal people with their strange user interface.;) ("Bang & Olufsen"? Never heard of it!)
  21. OK, you're the rejuvenated macabre movie villain, Dr. Phibes. It's the 21st century and clockwork orchestras are so "last century," so what is Vincent Price to do? Found on a Japanese website, "Techmoan" explores an "animated/robot band" that plays over 20 Jazz-inflected tunes. Press PLAY to find out how entertaining this "sound and motion" thing is.;)
  22. Here's a mystery package for "Techmoan" to ponder. An commercial passenger aircraft in-flight entertainment system. Open it up, and there are Compact Cassette tapes! Press PLAY to find out more about the company that made it, the airline that used it, and what's on the tapes!;)
  23. "Techmoan" wanted a state-of-the-art late night movie audio experience. However, "your mileage may vary" is the key phrase for this expen$ive "Bluetooth Speaker system." Press PLAY if you want to find out how an over $300 speaker system is as good as $60 stereo headphones.
  24. Well, the idiots "dropped the big one" and the apocalypse has arrived. What do you do for music if your guitar is now feeding a campfire? Techmoan has the answer: Crank It Up...continuously. Press PLAY if you want to know how to hear Freddie Mercury "off the grid.";)
  25. There are Boomboxes, then there's the biggest, heaviest Boombox of all. "Techmoan" has found the last "bits and bobs" that connect to this AC-only sorta luggable audio package. Press PLAY if you want to find out what constitutes "the whole package...
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